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Compulsory courses

BIOL0006-2Biology B1Q13040-8
BIOL2003-1Animal Biology B1Q24535-9
BIOL2004-1Plant biology B1Q23035-8
BIOL0864-1Concepts of biological evolution B1Q115--2
MATH0509-1General mathematics I B1Q12530-6
STAT0807-1Descriptive statistics B1Q11010-2
PHYS0985-1General physics I B1Q24540-8
Theory   30-- 
Practice   -40- 
CHIM0741-1Organic chemistry B1Q25030-8
LANG2967-1English: introduction (english language) B1Q130--2
BIOL0518-1Biodiversity and ecologyB2TA10
Notions and concepts   60-- 
Field training courses - [11d Field work]   --[+] 
BIOL0019-1Introduction to animal embryology B2Q225--3
GENE0201-2Genetics B2Q13015-4
BIOL0026-1Vegetal cellular physiology B2Q23020-4
BIOL0215-1Cell physiology and animals histology B2Q13020-4
BIOC0204-1Biochemistry and thermodynamics of biological systems B2Q24020-5
GEOL0311-1Geology and paleontologyB2Q15
Theory and practice   2515- 
Field work - [4d Field work]   --[+] 
MATH0009-6General mathematics II B2Q21515-3
PHYS0986-1General physics II B2Q14535-6
STAT0808-1Inferential statistics B2Q12020-3
CHIM0254-1Biological analytical chemistry B2Q12040-5
INFO0205-2Introduction to IT and applications to biology B2Q21218-3
LANG0076-6English 1 (english language) B2TA45--3
MICR0719-1Introduction to microbiology B2Q21010-2
ZOOL0205-1Ethology and animal psychology B3Q130--3
MICR0720-1Phycology and mycology B3Q12010-3
MICR0721-1Bacteriology B3Q12010-3
MICR1716-1Virology B3Q220--2
BIOL0216-1Animal physiology B3Q16030-7
BIOL0217-1Vegetal physiologyB3Q25
Theory   35-- 
Practice   -20- 
IMMU0521-1Immunology B3Q22520-3
PHIL1227-1Philosophy and bioethicsB3Q22
Eléments de philosophie des sciences   15-- 
Bioéthique   15-- 
DOCU0033-2Training in the exploitation of documentary resources in biology B3Q1812-2
STAT0750-1Multivariate statistical analysis (software R) B3Q21010-3
STAT0077-1Computing analysis and processing of biological data B3Q125--2
LANG0077-8English 2 (english language) B3TA45--4

Optional courses


Choose, in accordance with the Jury, 1 option among :


Option Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology

GENE9002-1Molecular biology of gene I B3Q130--3
GENE9003-1Molecular biology of gene II B3Q23030-5
BIOC9242-1Biological macromolecules chemistry , Part A B3Q140--4
BIOC9243-1Equilibria in biochemistry and enzime kinetics B3Q22040-4
BIOL0024-1Molecular physiology of the cell B3Q21515-2
STRA0044-1Training in scientific communication - [40h internship] B3Q2--[+]3

Option Biology of Organisms and Ecology

BIOL2036-1The biodiversity of the Anthropocene - [15h Monitored workshops] B3Q155[+]2
BIOL2037-1Introduction to evolutionary biology - [1d Field work] B3Q23020[+]4
BIOL2038-1Soil ecology and microbiology - [1d Field work] B3Q12510[+]3
BIOL2039-1Freshwater ecologyB3Q23
Theory   182- 
Internship - [4d Field work]   --[+] 
BIOC9244-1Genetics and introduction to molecular ecology B3Q12010-2
BIOL0031-1Introduction to oceanography B3Q215--2
STRA0045-1Training in scientific communication - [30h Monitored workshops] B3Q210-[+]3
BIOL0867-1Introduction to aquaculture and managing aquatic resources B3Q215--2

Optional free courses

OCEA0053-1Study of Oceans and Coastal Management B2Q21525-4

Learning support activities

IREM0001-1Adjusting working methods after the January session (reduced course loads) - [3h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0002-1Getting organised in the specific context of reduced course loads - [2h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0003-1Preparing for the Spring block and the May-June exams (reduced course loads) - [3h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0005-1Planning the second session (reduced course loads) - [3h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0006-1#BloqueBooster: supervised exam revision in the Spring holidays - [5d Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0007-1Zen@etudes: How and why to manage stress? (reduced course loads) - [2h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0008-1Keeping or increasing motivation in a context of a reduced course loads - [2h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0009-1Hebdo MethodO support with additional help in connection to the context of repeating a year - [5h Remedial work] B1TA--[+]-
IREM0010-1Getting the year off to a good start - [2h Remedial work] B1Q1--[+]-
IREM0011-1Progressing effectively in the 1st term - [2h Remedial work] B1Q1--[+]-
IREM0012-1Preparing for the January exams: becoming familiar with the requirements and specificities of university exams - [3h Remedial work] B1Q1--[+]-
IREM0013-1Planning your January session: establishing a work programme - [3h Remedial work] B1Q1--[+]-
IREM0014-1Working effectively in the second term - [2h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0015-1Adapting your organisation after the January session (fewer than 30 credits approved) - [3h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0016-1Planning your May-June session (fewer than 30 credits approved) - [3h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0017-1Planning your second session (fewer than 30 credits approved) - [3h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0018-1Maintaining or rediscovering your motivation if you have to repeat a year (Q1) - [2h Remedial work] B1Q1--[+]-
IREM0019-1Zen@etudes: The hows and whys of stress management (fewer than 30 credits approved - Q1) - [2h Remedial work] B1Q1--[+]-
IREM0020-1Maintaining or rediscovering your motivation if you have to repeat a year (Q2) - [2h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
IREM0021-1Zen@etudes: How and why to manage stress? (fewer than 30 credits approved - Q2) - [2h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
LREM0005-1Taking stock of your French skills (Q2) - [1,5h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-
LREM0010-1Taking stock of your skills in French (Q1) - [15h Remedial work] B1Q1--[+]-
SREM0002-1Learning support activities in Chemistry, for Biology - [24h Remedial work] B1TA--[+]-
SREM0004-1Learning support activities in Mathematics, for Biology - [20h Remedial work] B1TA--[+]-
SREM0014-1Learning support activities in Biology, for Biology - [20h Remedial work] B1TA--[+]-
SREM0017-6Learning support activities in Chemistry II, for Biology - [24h Remedial work] B1Q2--[+]-