2023-2024 / BIOL0867-1

Introduction to aquaculture and managing aquatic resources


15h Th

Number of credits

 Bachelor in biology2 crédits 


Michaël Ovidio, Carole Rougeot


Michaël Ovidio

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French language

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Teaching in the second semester


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Learning unit contents

The course is presented by two Professors and is divided into two parts 1) Introduction to Aquatic Resources Management and 2) Introduction to Aquaculture.


The part on the management of Aquatic resources addresses 1) the diversity of biotopes and continental hydrosystems and their richness in terms of habitat 2) the biodiversity of aquatic organisms in these different hydrosystems and the methods of monitoring in the field 3) the environmental variables that regulate hydrosystem balances 4) The threats to continental aquatic biodiversity 5) The determination of the quality of continental hydrosystems with standardized protocols.


The section on aquaculture covers 1) world production figures for fisheries and aquaculture, and the different species produced; 2) the basic production cycle of an aquaculture species: reproduction, larval rearing, grow-out; the different aquaculture production systems.

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

Students will have the theoretical foundations to continue their studies and take more specialized courses in the management of continental hydrosystems and aquaculture. They will have a good overview of the range of fields covered by aquatic resource management and aquaculture.

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The 2:00 exam will consist of answering open-ended questions on the course.

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Profs Carole Rougeot et Michael Ovidio.

Management of Aquatic Resources and Aquaculture Unit, UR FOCUS.


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