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Extra courses intended for exchange students (Erasmus, ...) (Faculty of social sciences)

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Faculty programme courses open to incoming students on exchange programmes


Autumn Semester

Courses in French
AESS0004-1Media education -Q115--1
AESS0143-1Educational Psychology of adolescents and young adults -Q115--2
ANTH0003-1Anthropology of moods and communication -Q130--6
ANTH0007-1Anthropology: fieldwork methodology and practice - [30h Field work] -Q1307,5[+]6
ANTH0052-3Anthropology of relationships and the body - [30h Field work] -Q130-[+]6
ANTH0057-1Anthropology of the nature of animals -Q130--6
Notice : course with prerequisite
ANTH0375-1Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds -Q130--5
ANTH2225-1Anthropology of childhood, youth and institutions, class-seminar - [30h Field work] -Q13030[+]10
ANTH2228-1Anthropology of childhood and children - [30h Field work] -Q1306[+]6
ANTH2234-1Anthropology: Illustrations and role play - [30h Field work] -Q11515[+]5
ANTH2237-2Elements of anthropology of kinship - [15h Exercise] -Q1304,5[+]5
ANTH2239-1(pas organisé en 2023-2024) Anthropology of contemporary religiousness and spiritualities - [16h Field work] -Q130-[+]5
ANTH2240-1Sensory anthropology -Q130--5
ANTH2241-1Writing workshop - [30h Seminar] -Q1--[+]5
ASIE0028-1Post-Socialist China and Globalization : Social and Political Dynamics -Q130--6
BIOL1064-1Behavioural primatology -Q130--5
CINE0004-1Cinema and Video Documentaries -Q130--5
COMU0011-1Esthetic Mediation and Communication -Q130--5
COMU0016-1Theories of Communication -Q130--5
COMU2145-1Introduction to media and information -Q130--5
CRIM3093-1Introduction to the analysis of criminal phenomena -Q130--3
CRIM3097-3Introduction to criminalistics and forensic medicine -Q115--2
CRIM3098-1Introduction to victimology -Q130--4
DROI1101-3Introduction to public law -Q130--5
DROI1104-2Belgian Judicial System, Part 1 -Q130--3
DROI1106-1Introduction to penal law and criminology, Part 1 -Q13015-4
DROI1224-1Introduction to private law -Q130--5
DROI1254-1Occupational health law -Q115--4
DROI8064-1International trade law-3
International trade cooperation   18-- 
International financial cooperation
ECON0011-2Development Economics (english language) -Q13015-6
Notice : course with prerequisite
ECON2293-1General Political Economics - Microeconomics -Q13015-5
ENVT3127-1Biodiversity and societies - [12h Monitored workshops] -Q130-[+]3
GEOG0040-1The organisation of urban environments - [6h Seminar] -Q115-[+]3
GEST1115-1Introduction to organization analysis - [10h Seminar] -Q130-[+]5
GEST3013-1Analytical accounting and management control -Q14020-5
GEST3161-1(pas organisé en 2023-2024) Communication and projects management
GEST7005-1Management in the social economy (Finance, Governance and HRM) -Q130--6
Notice : Corequisite: GEST7006-1 Finance tools and reporting practices (Philanthropy, impact investing and social impact evaluation)
GEST7006-1Finance tools and reporting practices (Philanthropy, impact investing and social impact evaluation) -Q130--6
Notice : Corequisite: GEST7005-1 Management in the social economy (Finance, Governance and HRM)
GRHO0001-4Strategic Human Resources Management -Q145--6
GRHO0006-2Strategic challenges of skills and training management -Q130--4
GRHO0010-2Human resources management -Q130--5
GRHO0011-5New forms of employment and organisation -Q124--4
GRHO0013-3Diversity management and professional equality -Q130--5
GRHO0023-1Sociology of organizations and markets -Q130--5
GRHO0044-1Payroll management -Q115--3
INFO0818-1Information technologies applied to statistical analysis in social sciences -Q130--6
LING0004-1Rhetoric and semiology -Q130--5
LING0009-1The typology of languages and language universals* -Q130--5
LLOR0059-1History and religion of ancient India -Q130--6
LOGI0011-1Supply Chain Management -Q145--5
LROM0148-1Sociology of literature -Q130--3
MARK0012-1Basics of marketing -Q130--5
MATH2017-1Mathematics (part 1) -Q1238-3
MEDC1012-1Intercultural mediation and acculturation processes -Q115--5
PEDA0060-2Practical questions about driving a training -Q11515-3
PHIL0230-1Philosophy and history of religions and secularisms -Q130--5
PSYC1018-1Work and Organisational psychology -Q130--3
Notice : course with prerequisite
BIOL1063-1Social ethology -Q130--5
PSYC1099-1Psychology of Well-Being at Work -Q130--5
RISQ0759-1Risks and catastrophes in developing countries -Q130--6
SOCI0009-1Introductory seminar to organisational analysis - [15h Seminar] -Q115-[+]3
SOCI0073-3Seminar on current issues in international cooperation -Q130--6
Notice : course with prerequisite
SOCI0075-3Project management and international partners -Q13015-6
Notice : course with prerequisite
SOCI0078-2Advanced questions of Sociology -Q14515-6
SOCI0090-1Actor-network sociology -Q130--6
SOCI0093-2Critique of political economy and management, Theory -Q130--3
SOCI0093-3Critique of political economy and management-Q16
Theory   30-- 
Additional work   --- 
SOCI0096-1Gender and development -Q115--3
SOCI0111-1Sociology of social criticism -Q145--6
SOCI0112-1Populations, families and health in the South (Africa) -Q130--6
SOCI0205-1Globalisation and civil society : theory and players -Q130--6
SOCI0208-1Sociology of families and education -Q13015-6
SOCI0568-1Sociology -Q145--6
SOCI0755-1Development policies in the South: financing and tools -Q120--3
SOCI0756-1Latin America: political, economic and social reconfigurations - [15h Seminar] -Q115-[+]3
SOCI0760-1Complex approaches to mediation and intermediation -Q124--3
SOCI0769-1Socio-legal aspects of collective labour relations -Q130--5
SOCI0770-1Introduction to Education and Global Citizenship -Q11530-6
SOCI1240-2North-South: imperialism, development, globalisation - a history, Theory course -Q130--3
SOCI2241-1Sociology of employment -Q145--6
SOCI2243-1International co-operation sociology -Q145--6
SOCI2256-1Social and cultural mediation -Q115--3
SOCI2257-1Sociological analysis of social policies -Q130--3
SOCI9005-1Introduction to the sociology of organizations - [15h Lecture] -Q130-[+]6
SOCI9007-2Evolution of sociological thought, Classical sociology -Q130--5
SOCI9007-3Evolution of sociological thought, Contemporary sociology -Q130--5
SOCI9009-1Reading workshop in development studies - [30h Seminar] -Q1--[+]5
SPOL1101-1Introduction to political science, Part 1 -Q130--5
SPOL2202-1Evaluation of public policies -Q13015-6
SPOL2237-1African political science - [30h Seminar] (Odd years, organized in 2023-2024) -Q1--[+]6
SPOL2314-1Comparative Analysis of Public Action
SPOL2331-1Analysis of public policies (theory) -Q13015-5
STAT0002-2Descriptive Statistics -Q12010-6
STAT0806-1Multivariate methods applied to statistics in the social sciences, Programmation SAS -Q120--3

Courses in other languages
ECON2262-1Industrial organization in the digital economy (english language) -Q130--5
GEST3752-1Change Management (english language) -Q13010-5
LANG0913-1English - module 1, Reading scientific texts (english language) -Q11020-3
LANG0913-4English - module 1 (english language) -Q14
Reading scientific texts   1020- 
Additional reading in HRM   -2- 
LANG0913-5English - module 1 (english language) -Q15
Reading scientific texts   1020- 
Additional reading in Anthropology   -2- 
LANG0914-1English - Module 2: Listening comprehension, taking notes and lectures, Listening comprehension, taking notes and lectures (english language) -Q11020-3
LANG0914-4English - Module 2: Listening comprehension, taking notes and lectures (english language) -Q14
Listening comprehension, taking notes and lectures   1020- 
Additional lecture(s) in anthropology in HRM   --- 
LANG0914-5English - Module 2: Listening comprehension, taking notes and lectures (english language) -Q15
Listening comprehension, taking notes and lectures   1020- 
Additional lecture(s) in anthropology   --- 
LANG1938-1German 5 (german language) -Q130--4
LANG1939-1Advanced German 5 (german language) -Q130--4
LANG1940-1Spanish 5 (spanish language) -Q130--4
LANG1941-1Advanced Spanish 5 (spanish language) -Q130--4
LANG1950-1Dutch 5 (dutch language) -Q130--4
LANG2916-1German level 2 (german language) -Q145--4
LANG2917-1Spanish level 2 (spanish language) -Q145--6
SOCI0765-1Welfare, labour and migration (english language) -Q130--6
SOCI0766-1Digital Workshop in Migration - [30h Seminar] -Q1--[+]6
SOCI0768-1Migration and Integration Practice and Policies (english language) - [30h Seminar] -Q1--[+]6
SOCI1242-3Migration Transnationalism and Development (english language) - [30h Seminar] -Q1--[+]6
SOCI2231-1Sociology of Migration (english language) -Q130--6
SOCI2247-1Arts, Ethnicity and Migration (english language) -Q130--6
SOCI2249-1Citizenship and Political Participation of Minorities (english language) -Q130--6
SOCI2263-1Research design and methods in migration studies (english language) -Q130--6
GRHO0047-1Societal Issues and Sustainability Concerns in HRM (english language) -Q130--4

Spring Semester

Courses in French
AESS0140-1Professional ethics and training to neutrality and citizenship -Q225--2
AESS0246-1Analysis of scholastic institutions and educational policies -Q215--1
AESS0248-1Elements of sociology of education -Q210--1
AESS0249-1Interdisciplinary seminar -Q215--1
ANTH0001-1Social and cultural anthropology 1 -Q230--6
ANTH0033-1Social and cultural anthropology 2 -Q230--6
ANTH0046-1Anthropology of development -Q230--6
ANTH0048-1Anthropology of capitalism -Q230--6
ANTH0376-1Anthropology and art: ethno-artistic explorations -Q23015-6
ANTH0388-1Political anthropology -Q230--5
ASIE0003-1Tradition and Modernity in the Chinese Society -Q230--6
ASIE0029-1Power and Society in Modern and Contemporary China -Q230--6
BIOL0810-2Conservation biology -Q240--5
CINE0038-1Contemporary documentary (cinema, video, television) -Q230--5
COMU0019-1Introduction to Cultural Policies and Economics -Q230--5
COMU2144-1Natural history of human communication, Evolution of communication -Q230--3
COMU2144-2Natural history of human communication-Q25
Evolution of communication   30-- 
Introduction to biological anthropology   20-- 
CRIM1203-2Prevention and Public Safety Policies, Part 1 -Q230--3
CRIM4121-2Penology: normative and institutional frameworks, Part 1 -Q230--3
DROI0083-1Social Law -Q230--6
DROI1902-1Employment contract law -Q230--4
ECON2260-1Economics of Globalization -Q245--6
ECON2294-1General political Economics - Macroeconomics -Q23015-5
ENVT0008-1Biodiversity and ecodevelopment -Q215--3
ENVT0027-1Technical and environmental democracy -Q21510-6
FINA0001-1Financial statement analysis and financing an enterprise -Q245--5
GERM0005-2Postcolonial civilizations (english language) -Q230--6
GEST0029-1General Corporate Accounting (Night classes) -Q23015-5
GEST0832-4Financial Markets -Q24015-5
GEST3024-1Business and sustainable development -Q230--4
GEST6002-1Social enterprises and sustainable business models: organisation and management methods -Q230--6
GEST7030-1Ecological economy and managing transition -Q230--6
GRHO0005-2Human resources management : in-depth concepts -Q230--5
Notice : Prerequisite: GRHO0001-4
GRHO0031-3Recruitment interview practices -Q215--3
GRHO0033-1HR information systems -Q215--3
GRHO0035-1HRM, globalisation and innovation -Q224--4
GRHO0043-1Reporting RH (metrics & analytics) -Q215--3
HIST0030-1History and religion of the Arab-Muslim world I -Q230--6
HIST0055-1Introduction to historical criticism -Q230--3
HIST0176-1Introduction to social and economic history of contemporary Belgium -Q230--5
MATH2018-1Mathematics (part 2) -Q2227-2
METO0820-2Initiation to Social Science Methodology-Q26
Theory   30-- 
Pratice   -15- 
METO1015-1Scientific approaches and investigation-Q25
Initiation à l'esprit critique, Theory   10-- 
Initiation à l'esprit critique, SHS practice   -4- 
Survey methodology   166- 
PEAV0016-1Journalistic discourse and stereotypes -Q230--5
PHIL0025-1Critical anthropology of psychology -Q230--5
PHIL0054-1Issues in philosophy -Q230--5
PHIL0229-1Being and acting through a gendered lens : theoretical and critical tools -Q21515-5
PSYC0017-1Social psychology -Q230--5
PSYC0022-1Work and organisations psychology, part 1, theory -Q230--3
PSYC0022-2Work and organisations psychology, part 1-Q25
theory   30-- 
Thematic texts   --- 
PSYC0921-1Criminological psychology -Q230--3
Notice : only for French-speaking students
PSYC1022-1Ergonomic psychology -Q2255-4
SOCI0022-1Epistemology of social sciences -Q245--6
SOCI0053-5Survey methodology -Q2166-3
SOCI0060-1Sociology of organized action - [15h Lecture] -Q230-[+]6
SOCI0079-1Introduction to the study of migration and integration -Q230--5
SOCI0088-1Introduction to international cooperation and humanitarian aid -Q230--5
SOCI0110-1Socio-anthropology of arabo-islamic civilizations -Q245--6
SOCI0154-1Introduction to sociology -Q215--3
SOCI0201-2European institutions and development cooperation - [15h Seminar] -Q2--[+]3
SOCI0589-1Socio-anthropology of development: approaches, methods, illustrations -Q230--5
SOCI0717-2Sociology of public action - [30h Seminar] -Q2--[+]6
SOCI0752-1Introduction to gender studies, Theory course -Q230--3
SOCI0752-2Introduction to gender studies-Q25
Theory course   30-- 
Additional work   --- 
SOCI0753-1Sociology of employment and unemployment -Q245--6
SOCI0757-1Development in the South (contemporary development policies in a country in the South) -Q230--3
SOCI1241-1Calculating probabilities in the social sciences -Q23030-6
Notice : course with prerequisite
SOCI1247-2Seminar on science and society - [30h Seminar] -Q2--[+]6
SOCI2235-1Labor history seminar -Q230--3
SOCI2258-1Sociological analysis of social intervention policies -Q230--3
Notice : Corequisite: SOCI2257-1 Sociological analysis of social policies
SOCI9004-1Project management: sociological approaches -Q224--4
SOCI9006-1Socio-anthropology of injustice and protest -Q230--5
SOCI9111-1Labour market indicators -Q220--3
SPOL0021-1Principles and functions of the European Union -Q230--5
SPOL0312-1Doctrines and political practices -Q230--3
Notice : course with prerequisite
SPOL0961-1European construction history -Q230--3
SPOL1103-1Political history of Belgium -Q260--6
SPOL1203-2Introduction to International Relations -Q260--6
SPOL9212-1Administrative sciences -Q24515-6
STAT0162-1Statistical analysis of qualitative and quantitative data in social sciences -Q23015-6

Courses in other languages
DROI1701-1The Law of Nationality (english language) -Q215--3
GRHO0046-1Digitalisation and labour markets (english language) -Q230--4
LANG0916-1German level 1 (german language) -Q245--4
LANG0917-1Spanish level 1 (spanish language) -Q245--6
LANG0918-1English - Module 3 - Seminar of English used in Human Resource Management (english language) -Q230--4
LANG1925-1German 4 (german language) -Q230--4
LANG1926-1Advanced German 4 (german language) -Q230--4
LANG1927-1Spanish 4 (spanish language) -Q230--4
LANG1928-1Advanced Spanish 4 (spanish language) -Q230--4
LANG1932-1Dutch 4 (dutch language) -Q230--4
SOCI0767-1Gender, Intersectionality and Migration (english language) -Q230--6
SOCI0764-1Geopolitics of the Western Mediterranean (english language) - [30h Seminar] -Q2--[+]6
SOCI1003-1Using Quantitative Datas and Methods in Migration Studies (english language) -Q230--6
SOCI2248-1Refugee Studies - Forced Migration (english language) -Q21812-6
SOCI2250-1Theories of Integration, Diversity and Multiculturalism (english language) -Q230--3
SOCI2251-1European Immigration Policy (english language) -Q230--6
SOCI2264-1Sociology of racism and antiracism (english language) -Q230--6

All Year

Courses in French
AESS0339-1Understand and manage the diversity of public schools -TA1015-3
ANTH2238-1Tutoring -TA---5
Notice : only for students in the 2nd cycle of anthropology
ASIE0015-1Chinese language I (beginners)* -TA3030-10
HTRA0011-1Final thesis project (including coaching seminar)-TA10
Final thesis project   --- 
Coaching seminar - [15h Seminar]   --[+] 
Notice : only for students in the 2nd cycle of anthropology
LLOR0092-1Arab I -TA3030-10
PEDA0056-2Conception, management and evaluation of training strategies -TA3015-3
SOCI0085-1Practicing the questionnaire survey - [30h Field work] -TA1515[+]6
Notice : course with prerequisite
SOCI0758-1Thematic workshop (basic multidisciplinary analytical tools and construction of an analytical approach - [45h Seminar] -TA--[+]6
SOCI0762-1Applied research seminar -TA6030-12

Courses in other languages
LANG0001-2English level 1 (english language) -TA6030-6
LANG0003-2English level 2 (english language) -TA6030-6
LANG3995-1Dutch (Level A) (dutch language) -TA45--4
LANG3996-1Dutch (Level B) (dutch language) -TA45--4
LANG4018-1Basic English for the human and social sciences (english language) -TA60--5
LANG6006-1English - level 3 (english language) -TA6030-5

Courses of other faculties

A maximum of two university courses may be followed with the agreement of the teaching staff, including French classes (LANG0840-1 and LANG0840-2), as long as half of the courses selected are in the above-mentioned list.