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Innovation management and the food design (120 ECTS)

120 crédits

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Compulsory courses


"Basic foundations" module

ANIM0005-1Functional biochemistry in health and disease (english language) B1Q299-2
Notice : teacher: Martine Schroyen (ULiège - GxABT)
AGRO0001-1Basic principles of agriculture and agroecology - [4h Field trip] B1Q220-[+]2
Notice : teachers: Benjamin Dumont, Ludivine Lassois (ULiège - GxABT)
BIOL2018-1Animal nutrition B1Q224--2
Notice : teacher: Yves Beckers (ULiège - GxABT)

"Safety" module

VETE0495-1Food microbiological quality management - [8h Autres] B1Q212-[+]2
Notice : teacher: Georges Daube (ULiège - Fac. Médecine Vété.)
VETE0496-1Chemical risk management related to food - [8h Autres] B1Q212-[+]2
Notice : teacher: Marie-Louise Scippo, Caroline Douny (ULiège - Faculty of veterinary medicine)
VETE0497-1Self-control and control of the food chain - [16h Autres] B1Q2245[+]4
Notice : teachers: Véronique Delcenserie, Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko (ULiège - Faculty of the veterinary medicine), Mohamed Ayadi (ULiège - GxABT)

"Satisfaction" module

MICA0007-1Feeding behaviours and food sensory evaluation B1Q22412-3
Notice : teachers: Sylvie Chollet, Dorothée Goffin (ULiege - GxABT)
MICA0008-1Aromas analysis B1Q2816-2
Notice : teacher: Marie-Laure Fauconnier (ULiège - GxABT)
ECON2252-2Marketing and consumer market research
Alain Decrop
Notice : teacher: Alain Decrop (UNamur)


HULG9407-1Communication techniques B1Q1-12-1
MICA0009-1Innovation management B1Q236--3
Notice : teachers: Annick Castiaux (UNamur), Dorothée Goffin (ULiège - GxABT)
ENVT2049-2Assessing sustainability - [9h Autres] B1Q19-[+]2
ENVT3132-1Aquatic ecotoxicology and the production of macroinvertebrates B1Q1---3

"Health" module

MICA0014-1Human nutrition, normal and diseasesB2Q14
Nutrition, éléments de diététique et pathologies, Nutrition and diseases   10-- 
Allergies et intolérances alimentaires   --- 
VETE0499-1Nutrition and health - [4h Autres] B2Q1158[+]2
Notice : teachers: Antoine Clinquart, Véronique Delcenserie, Marie-Louise Scippo (ULiège - Faculty of veterinary medicine)
VETE0498-1Complements of domestic animals clinical nutrition B2Q220--2
Notice : teacher: Marianne Diez (ULiège - Faculty of veterinary medicine)

"Service" module

HULG0468-1Means for producing and implementing a package B2Q112--1
Notice : teacher: Pascal Léonard (HECh)
HULG0469-1Packaging and advanced technologies B2Q1186-2
Notice : teacher: Pascal Léonard (HECh)
HULG0470-1Design and safety of packaged products B2Q1186-2
HULG0471-1Packaging development
Louise Charlier
HULG0472-1Marketing and design
Philippe Parmentier

Cross-cutting project

MICA0013-1Transversal project
Roland Bricmaan, Collégialité, Mehdi El Hour, Dorothée Goffin, Pascal Léonard, Philippe Parmentier


RTFE0015-1Final thesis B2Q2---30

Focus courses


Single focus


Professional Focus


"Basic foundations" module

VETE0493-1Animal production B1Q2248-3
Notice : teachers: Jean-François Cabaraux, Isabelle Dufrasne (ULiège - Faculty of veterinary medicine)
PAYS0015-1Urban farming basis B1Q224--2
MICA0001-1Unit operations and processes in the food industry B1Q12412-3
Notice : teachers: Sabine Danthine, Christophe Blecker (ULiège - GxABT)
MICA0002-1Preparation and preservation techniques B1Q124--2
Notice : teachers: N. (ULiège - GxABT), Antoine Clinquart (ULiège - Fac Veterinary medicine)
MICA0015-1Basic food training B1Q1816-2
Notice : teachers: Mohamed Ayadi, Christophe Blecker (ULiège - GxABT)
MICA0004-1Main food chains B1Q124--2
Notice : teacher: Mohamed Ayadi (ULiège - GxABT)
HULG9621-1The fermentation industry B1Q1---2
GBLX0059-2Logistics in food industry - [3h Field trip, 4h Seminar] B1Q196[+]2
Notice : teacher: Mohamed Ali Ayadi (ULiège - GxABT)
VETE0494-1Food law B1Q144-1
Notice : teacher: Antoine Clinquart (ULiège - Fac. Médecine Vété.)
MICA0005-1Topical seminar - [36h Autres]
Christophe Blecker, Roland Bricmaan
MICA0006-1Preparation of transversal project - [12h Autres] B1Q2--[+]1
HULG9622-1Multivariate statistics B1Q1---2
ECON2248-1Environmental economy B1Q118--2


MICA0010-1Creativity initiation B1Q284-1
Notice : teacher: Dorothée Goffin (ULiège - GxABT)

Additional ECTS (max 15) Master in innovation and food design management (120 ECTS)


Compulsory courses


Common core courses

MANA0008-1Bibliographic synthesis work - [180h Autres] B0TA--[+]14
DOCU0449-3Scientific literature and information literacy - [14h Autres] B0Q146[+]2
INFO2037-1Introduction to computer science B0Q1618-2
BIOL2013-3General microbiologyB0TA4
Introduction   168- 
Depth notions
Notice : teachers: Patrick Fickers, Philippe Jacques (ULiège - GxABT)
[...] Choose 2 courses of foreign language from:8
[...] The jury reserves the right to add to the 30 credit core curriculum, depending on students¿ profiles.30
[...] Standard course suggestion-

Language course (extra credits)

LANG2950-1English language: level 1 - [48h E-learning] B0TA-24[+]4
Teacher: Estelle Mayard (ULiege - GxABT)
LANG2962-1English language: level 2 - [48h E-learning] B0TA-24[+]4
Teacher: Sophie Depoterre (ULiege - GxABT)
LANG2966-2English language: level 3 - [48h E-learning] B0TA-24[+]4
Teachers: Estelle Mayard, Fiona Thewissen (ULiège - GxABT)

Typical course

PSYC5897-3Team, organization and change - [44h Seminar] B0TA4-[+]2
GBLX2131-2Biosphere, agriculture and society - [2h Seminar] B0Q242-[+]4
CHIM9267-1Chemistry of equilibria - [8h Remedial work] B0Q22021[+]4
CHIM9268-1Chemistry: from the atom to the molecule - [10h Remedial work, 8h Autres] B0Q13136[+]7
CHIM9255-3Organic Chemistry B0Q12127-4
MANA0003-1Portfolio (Bachelor) - [24h Autres] B0TA--[+]2
BIOL2045-1Biology basis B0Q1186-3