2023-2024 / Certificate

Certificate of university in psychological traumatology (organised in even years)

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Compulsory courses

YCER0150-1Theoretical model of psychological trauma, part 1
Adelaïde Blavier, Caroline Boland, Eric Constant, Alexandra Deprez, Françoise Detournay, Manoëlle Hopchet, Christian Mormont, Jacques Roisin, Etienne Vermeiren
- Introduction to psychological trauma (9TH) Françoise DETOURNAY, Manoëlle HOPCHET, Amélie SIMON, Annie BLEUS
- Trauma modelling and the psychodiagnosis of post-traumatic stress and complex psychological trauma
(12TH) Adélaïde BLAVIER, Françoise DETOURNAY, Manöelle HOPCHET
- Neuroscience and trauma (6TH) Eric CONSTANT
- Psychoanalytical aspects of trauma (6TH) Jacques ROISIN
- Psychoeducation / Stabilisation and affect regulation (6TH, 3PR) Françoise DETOURNAY, Manoëlle HOPCHET
- Attachment and trauma: respective influences, impact on child development and long-term outlooks (12TH) Caroline BOLAND
- Stabilisation techniques: hypnosis (10TH) Françoise DETOURNAY
Morals and ethics of psychotraumatology including secondary trauma and vicarious trauma (10TH) Adélaïde BLAVIER, Christian MORMONT
- Acute trauma and crisis intervention (5TH, 5PR) Etienne VERMEIREN
YCER0151-1Practical model of treatment for psychological trauma, part 1
Adelaïde Blavier, Françoise Detournay, Raphaël Gazon

- Stabilisation techniques: hypnosis (2TH, 8PR) Françoise DETOURNAY
- Stabilisation and affect regulation: the psychocorporal technique (4TH, 8PR) Raphaël GAZON
- Introductory day to diagnosis and stabilisation (6PR) Collegiality
YCER0152-1Theoretical model of psychological trauma, part 2
Adelaïde Blavier, Grazia Czeschi, Françoise Detournay, Serge Goffinet, Manoëlle Hopchet, Berna Senay, Amélie Simon

- Confrontation techniques: Cognitive behavioural therapy and imagery rescripting (7TH, 5PR) Grazia CZESCHI
- Hypnotherapeutic approach to psychotraumatic confrontation (6TH, 4PR) Amélie SIMON
- Trauma and family systems (10TH) Berna SENAY
- Complex dissociative disorders and differential diagnoses with psychotic disorders (8TH, 2PR) Françoise DETOURNAY, Manoëlle HOPCHET, Serge GOFFINET
- Transference and countertransference in the context of a therapeutic relationship and the treatment of trauma (10TH) Manoëlle HOPCHET
YCER0153-1Practical model of treatment for psychological trauma, part 2
Adelaïde Blavier, Françoise Detournay, Nathalie Hanot

- Introductory day to confrontation techniques (6PR) Collegiality
- Introduction to psychological trauma: the grief phase. Creative techniques (1TH, 9PR) Nathalie HANOT
YCER0154-1Practical exercises
Adelaïde Blavier, Manoëlle Hopchet

- 3 mandatory days of group supervision on the issues of diagnosis, stabilization, confrontation (12PR) Manoëlle HOPCHET
- Individual and group supervision during the first and second year (20TH) Manoëlle HOPCHET
YTRA9018-1Final thesis B1TA---5