2023-2024 / Master

Physics (120 ECTS) (FAME-AIS)

120 crédits

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Block 1

General courses

SMEM0040-1Research master thesis
PHYS3014-1Physics and chemistry of materials : complements (english language)

Specialised courses

Single focus

Research focus


Courses totaling 30 credits have to be chosen among:


Quantum materials: design and modelling

CHIM9227-1Quantum Chemistry (english language) Q13010-4
PHYS3003-1Physics of functional oxides (english language) Q12010-4
PHYS3004-1Physics of nanomaterials (english language) Q12010-4
PHYS0980-1(pas organisé en 2023-2024) Spectroscopy of materials (english language)
PHYS3023-1Physics of magnetic materials (english language) Q22010-4
CHIM0725-2Modelling molecules and extended systems (english language) Q120--2
PHYS0981-1Quantum modelling of materials properties (english language) Q12010-4
CHIM9233-1Molecular logic (english language) Q225--2
PHYS0988-1Intrinsic and induced topological properties of matter (english language) Q22010-4

Functional materials and nanostructures: fabrication and characterization

CHIM9228-1Macromolecular Chemistry (english language) Q12015-4
CHIM9256-1Advanced solid state chemistry (english language) Q130--4
CHIM9230-1Nanomaterials: synthesis, properties and applications (english language) Q125--4
PHYS3037-1Nanofabrication : principles and techniques (english language) Q22515-4
CHIM9266-1Characterization of nanostructures by scanning probe techniques (english language) Q115--2
CHIM9234-1Polymers and environment, Part A (english language) Q115--2
CHIM9257-1Introduction to solid state NMR, Part A (english language) Q115--2
PHYS0982-1Physics of semiconductors (english language) Q115--2
PHYS0987-1Physics of materials for energy (english language) Q130--4
[...] Up to 10 credits can be chosen as well from other study programmes organized by ULiège (choice to be validated by the local coordinator)-

Block 2