2023-2024 / Master

Chemistry (120 ECTS) (FAME AIS)

120 crédits

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Block 1

Notice : The FAMEais Masters replaces the FAME+ Master within the same consortium: ULiège will host students from the first FAMEias cohort from the 2023¿2024 academic year, while the last FAME+ students will graduate at the end of the 2022¿2023 academic year. Within the FAMEais Masters, the course programme offered by ULiège is aimed at students who have acquired the first 60 credits within a partner university.

General courses

SMEM0040-1Research master thesis
PHYS3014-1Physics and chemistry of materials : complements (english language)

Specialised courses

Single focus

Research Focus


Courses totaling 30 credits have to be chosen among:


Quantum materials: design and modelling

CHIM9227-1Quantum Chemistry (english language) Q13010-4
PHYS3003-1Physics of functional oxides (english language) Q12010-4
PHYS3004-1Physics of nanomaterials (english language) Q12010-4
PHYS0980-1(pas organisé en 2023-2024) Spectroscopy of materials (english language)
PHYS3023-1Physics of magnetic materials (english language) Q22010-4
CHIM0725-2Modelling molecules and extended systems (english language) Q120--2
PHYS0981-1Quantum modelling of materials properties (english language) Q12010-4
CHIM9233-1Molecular logic (english language) Q225--2
PHYS0988-1Intrinsic and induced topological properties of matter (english language) Q22010-4

Functional materials and nanostructures: fabrication and characterization

CHIM9228-1Macromolecular Chemistry (english language) Q12015-4
CHIM9256-1Advanced solid state chemistry (english language) Q130--4
CHIM9230-1Nanomaterials: synthesis, properties and applications (english language) Q125--4
PHYS3037-1Nanofabrication : principles and techniques (english language) Q22515-4
CHIM9266-1Characterization of nanostructures by scanning probe techniques (english language) Q115--2
CHIM9234-1Polymers and environment, Part A (english language) Q115--2
CHIM9257-1Introduction to solid state NMR, Part A (english language) Q115--2
PHYS0982-1Physics of semiconductors (english language) Q115--2
PHYS0987-1Physics of materials for energy (english language) Q130--4
[...] Up to 10 credits can be chosen as well from other study programmes organized by ULiège (choice to be validated by the local coordinator)-

Block 2