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Ancient languages and literatures : classics (60 ECTS)

60 crédits

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Block 1

Compulsory courses

LCLA0086-1Greek philology questions I Q130--5
LCLA0087-1Latin philology questions I Q130--5
LCLA0084-1Latin authors IV Q230--5
LCLA0085-1Greek authors IV Q230--5
PTFE0013-1Final work TA---20

Optional courses

Choisir 1 cours de langue moderne parmi

TRAD0004-1Translation and appreciation of historical texts : German 1 TA45--5
TRAD0006-1Translation of Historical Texts : English 1 TA45--5
LANG0917-1Spanish level 1 (spanish language) Q245--5
LANG2917-1Spanish level 2 (spanish language) Q145--5
LANG4011-1German levels 1-2 (german language) TA60--5
TRAD0203-1English language and English-speaking culture (english language) Q245--5
TRAD0005-1Advanced German language and elements of German-speaking culture 1* Q130--5
LROM0059-1Commentary on Spanish authors (spanish language) Q130--5

Choose 3 courses from the lists A, B and C:

[...] Maximum 2 courses from the lists A and B-
[...] including at least 1 course from the list A-

Bloc d'aménagement du programme de l'année

A. Linguistics and literatures

LLOR0091-1Introduction to oriental literatures Q230--5
LING0016-3Comparative grammar of Indo-European languages* Q230--5
HIST0160-2Commentary on Latin historical texts of the Middle Ages (in-depth approach) Q13015-5
LROM0039-1Medieval Latin Literature
LCLA0009-1Commentary on Renaissance Latin Authors Q230--5
ASIE0010-1Introduction to Japanese literature Q230--5
HULG0564-1Introduction to an Oriental language not taught at Uliège Q2---5
INFO0943-1Textual corpora : analytical principles Q130--5
INFO1276-1Statistical analysis of textual data Q230--5

B. History, religion and civilizations

HULG0565-1EHESS Seminar - Paris - Ancient Middle East TA---5
LLOR0053-1History and religion of Pharaonic Egypt Q230--5
LLOR0059-1History and religion of ancient India Q130--5
HIST0030-1History and religion of the Arab-Muslim world I Q230--5
HIST0072-1History and religion of the Arab-Muslim world II Q230--5
ASIE0003-1Tradition and Modernity in the Chinese Society Q230--5
ASIE0005-1Individual and Community in Japan Q130--5
ASIE0017-1Political and social history of modern China : opium wars following the fall of the Qing dynasty (1840-1911) Q230--5
HIST0172-1Life and society of the ancient world
HIST0045-1Institutions of Ancient Greece and Rome Q130--5
PHIL0230-1Philosophy and history of religions and secularisms Q130--5
HREL0034-1Comparative mythology Q230--5
HREL0001-1Pre-Islamic Iran's history and religion Q230--5
HREL0022-1Greek religion Q130--5
HREL0023-1Roman religion Q130--5
ASIE0002-1East Asian Beliefs and Philosophy Q130--5
ASIE0009-1Introduction to the religions of Japan : Shintoism and Buddhism Q130--5

C. Writing and documents

LCLA2061-1Greek and Latin epigraphy: Sources and Methods Q130--5
LCLA2062-1Greek and Latin epigraphy: texts and documents Q230--5
LCLA0044-1Literary papyrology Q230--5
LCLA0062-1Documentary papyrology Q230--5
LCLA0034-2Ancient Greek and Latin palaeographyQ15
Part : Latin palaeography   15-- 
Part : Greek palaeography   15--