2023-2024 / Certificate

University certificate : training in professional pathology

60 crédits

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Compulsory courses

GEST2001-1Integration and reflexivity in health promotion B1Q1-15-2

Health and Work

MTRA2001-1Physiology of work B1Q115--2
MTRA2000-1Medico-psychological aspects of work B1TA10--2
MTRA2002-1Health education in the working environment B1TA10--2

Epidemiology and statistics

STAT1001-1Biostatistics I - [15h Question and answer session] B1Q115-[+]4
MTRA2003-1Epidemiology in occupational medicine B1Q210--2

Environment and work

PSYC1022-1Ergonomic psychology B1Q2255-4
TOXI0002-1Toxicological risk management in companies B1Q22
Part 1 : General principles   10-- 
Part 2 : Biological monitoring   10-- 
MTRA2004-2Environmental and occupational hygiene B1TA20--2


MTRA2014-1Toxic risks linked to chemical substances, Part I : Biological mechanisms of toxic action B1Q115--2
MTRA2005-1Pathological and clinical prevention in professional appointmentsB1TA5
Part 1 : Internal medicine   30-- 
Part 3 : ENT and audiometry   10-- 
Part 4 : Ophthalmology   6-- 
Part V : Protection of pregnant women   15-- 
Part 6 : X-Ray Diagnostics of the locomotor apparatus   4-- 
MTRA2005-2Pathological and clinical prevention in professional appointments, Part 2 : Dermatology B1TA8--1
MTRA2014-2Toxic risks linked to chemical substances, Part II : Biological exploration of mains functions B1TA15--2

Accident Safety

MTRA2008-1Safety at work : technology and prevention B1TA12--2
MTRA2009-1Preparation for individual and collective emergencies in industry B1TA15--2
MTRA2026-1Evaluation and professional rehabilitation of traumatized and disabled people B1TA20--2

Management and legislation

MTRA2012-1Budgets and management control B1Q215--2
MTRA2011-1Organisation of workplace medical facilities - legislation and administration B1TA30--3
MTRA9006-1Organization of occupational medicine - Risk analysis in business B1TA-30-3


MTRA2013-1Elements of radioprotection and legislation B1TA15--2
RADI2001-1Radioprotection: hygiene problems B1Q115--2

Compulsory Training

MSTG2020-1Placements - [8w internship]