2023-2024 / Advanced Master

European Law

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Responsible teacher: Professor Bernard VANBRABANT
Secretary : Ms Caroline Langevin
Phone: 04/366.31.30
email address: Caroline.Langevin@uliege.be

Compulsory courses


Common courses IP & CL

DROI0228-1Intellectual Property and Competition Law (english language) B1Q220--3


DTFE0016-2Final workB1TA15
Participation in seminars - [45h Seminar]
Eric De Gryse, Brieuc Geuzaine, Carmen Verdonck
Final thesis or internship or taking part in a moot court competition
Notice : students may submit a request if they want to replace the dissertation with a two-month internship. For the selected student, participation in a competitive exam is equivalent to the thesis.

If students do not attend the seminars, they will automatically fail their dissertation, or their internship

Competition Law

DROI0271-4European competition lawB1Q15
European Competition Law   36-- 
Questions spéciales   15-- 
DROI2030-3Economic aspects of law and competition B1Q120--3
DROI0184-3State Aid Law B1Q130--4
DROI0993-2Case Studies in EU Competition Law (english language) B1Q220--3
DROI2357-1International and Comparative Competition Law (english language) B1Q220--3
DROI1350-1Advanced EU Competition Law - Private Enforcement (english language) B1Q210--2
DROI1351-1Advanced EU Competition Law - Public Enforcement (english language) B1Q210--2

Innovation & Intellectual Property

DROI1276-1European copyright law B1Q220--3
DROI0227-2European Trademark Law (english language) B1Q120--3
DROI0224-2Patent law (including exercises) B1Q13015-4
DROI2316-2International aspects of the proctection of intellectual property B1Q120--3
DROI1326-1Intellectual property and contractual technique B1Q215--2
DROI0994-1EU Design Law (english language) B1Q110--2
DROI1905-1Data protection law
- Suppl : Cyril Fischer