2023-2024 / Master

Ingénieur civil en chimie et science des matériaux, à finalité spécialisée en Advanced Materials - Innovative Recycling (AMIR-EM)

120 crédits

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Programme content

The AMIR programme has been developed to help students understand the full spectrum of all the core topics within the field of raw materials recycling. Drawing on the expertise of 6 European universities, AMIR brings together the collaboration of academia, industry and research partners to develop one of the world's leading programmes within the field. Students have the opportunity to study across multiple European universities that specialise in the specific aspects of Advanced Materials: Innovative recycling.

Degrees Awarded

The AMIR Master programme offers students the possibility of obtaining a double diploma; a nationally accredited diploma from each of the two partner universities where they study. Currently the following combinations of partners lead to a double diploma:

    First year at the University of Bordeaux and second year at either the Technical University of Madrid or TU Darmstadt

    First year at NOVA University Lisbon or the University of Miskolc and second year at either the Technical University of Madrid, TU Darmstadt or University of Liège*


*Subject to the completion of certain modules during the First year.


In year 1 students will acquire an understanding of the full raw materials value chain and will develop a mindset for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The first year of the AMIR Master programme takes place at the University of Bordeaux, NOVA University Lisbon or the University of Miskolc. Students will learn about the general and technical aspects of the raw material value chain, including - general chemistry, materials science, lifecycle of materials, as well as the learning outcomes of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): sustainability, intellectual transformation, value judgments (ethical, scientific and sustainability challenges), creativity, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.


In year 2 students will specialise in a study field of choice with one of AMIR's three Year 2 partner universities, followed by an internship with a research organisation, industrial partner or academic partner.

Students will have the choice to specialise at either: Technical University of Darmstadt, University of Liège, or Technical University of Madrid. This part of the programme offers students the opportunity to follow select advanced materials classes for various applications, including energy, e-mobility, magnets, transport and environments - catalysis.

The academic specialisations are:

  • Material design for recycling, in Darmstadt
  • Metallurgy and metals recycling, in Liège
  • Circular Economy of Construction Products, in Madrid.

Learn more about the programme : www.amir-master.com