2023-2024 / Advanced Master

Management of Food Chain Safety

60 crédits

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Compulsory courses

VETE3006-1Biological risks in the food chain: identification, control and monitoring methods - [8h Monitored workshops, 16h E-learning] B1Q11616[+]5
VETE3007-1Chemical and physical risks in the food chain: identification, control and monitoring methods - [10h Monitored workshops, 16h E-learning] B1Q11614[+]5
VETE3008-1Food technology and process management - [24h E-learning] B1Q1168[+]5
VETE3009-1Food, nutrition and public health - [4h Monitored workshops, 12h E-learning] B1Q1128[+]3
VETE3010-1Systems to manage health security and the longevity of foodstuffs - [16h Monitored workshops, 20h E-learning] B1Q124-[+]5
VETE3011-1Elements which are specific to sectoral, institutional and legal aspects of managing food-related risks - [8h Monitored workshops, 12h E-learning] B1Q14-[+]2
VETE3012-1Prevention and integrated management of food safety, including communication: case reviews and integrative exercises - [32h Monitored workshops, 32h Travail autonome de l'étudiant, 18h Visits of industrial plants, 24h Pedagogical travels] B1TA--[+]7
VETE3013-1Prevention and management of health crises in the food sector, including communication; case review and integrative exercises - [16h Monitored workshops, 28h Travail autonome de l'étudiant] B1Q14-[+]4
VTFE0008-1Internship and final work - [520h internship] B1Q2--[+]20

Optional courses


Choose one or several courses for a total of 4 credits from:

MICA0007-1Feeding behaviours and food sensory evaluation B1Q22412-3
ECON2252-2Marketing and consumer market research
Alain Decrop
HULG9407-1Communication techniques B1Q1-12-1
CHIM0699-2Life cycle assessment - Ecodesign (english language) B1Q11030-2
HULG0468-1Means for producing and implementing a package B1Q112--1
HULG0469-1Packaging and advanced technologies B1Q1186-2
HULG0470-1Design and safety of packaged products B1Q1186-2
HULG0471-1Packaging development
Louise Charlier
MICA0004-1Main food chains B1Q124--2
ALIM0017-1Agro-food engineering procedures B1Q12424-4
GBLX0060-2Microbial ecology of water and wastewater (english language) - [2h Seminar] B1Q179[+]2
ENVT2049-2Assessing sustainability - [9h Autres] B1Q19-[+]2
GEST3028-2Accounting and managementB1Q14
General accounting   1212- 
Management, green accounting and business plan   1014- 
HULG9709-1Nutrition, an approach through sustainable food systems - [6h Visit] B1Q136-[+]3
GIRS0004-1The health of ecosystems - [6h Visit] B1Q2366[+]4