2023-2024 / Advanced Master

Risk and Disaster Management in the Anthropocene Era

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Compulsory courses



STFE0034-1Final dissertationTA15
Personal research
Collégialité, Florence de Longueville
Interdisciplinary expertise
Collégialité, Florence de Longueville

Multi-disciplinary teaching relating to risks and catastrophes in the Anthropocene era.

ENVT0846-2Introduction to the Anthropocene - [6h Field work, 4h Seminar] Q120-[+]2
RISQ2014-1Introduction to risks and catastrophes in the Anthropocene eraQ13
Part 1: A systematic approach
Nicolas Dendoncker, Pierre Ozer
Part 2: An introduction to basic concepts   12-- 
RISQ2015-1Natural risks and disasters - [4d Field work] TA48-[+]5
RISQ2016-1Technical / technological risks and disasters Q124--2
RISQ2117-1Health risks and catastrophes Q11212-2

Analytical, preventative and risk and emergency management tools.

RISQ2018-1Roles of geographic information systems and geomatics techniques in risks and disasters managementTA5
Part 1: Remote sensing   1218- 
Part 2: Geographic information systems
Antoine Denis, Yvon Hountondji
Notice : South Chair expert
ENVT3124-2Environmental data processing, Part 2: Introduction to R Q2612-2
RISQ2019-1Early warning system Q12430-5
Notice : South Chair expert
RISQ2020-1Land planning and risk and disaster prevention - [3d Field work] Q28-[+]3

Disaster management : from emergency to resilience

ENVT0010-1Seminar - Integrated approach to environmental issues - [30h Seminar, 30h Monitored workshops] Q23-[+]4
RISQ2029-1Soft skills in risk and catastrophe management - [24h Seminar]
Delphine Brogna, Florence de Longueville, Sabine Henry, Catherine Linard
RISQ2025-2Migration and displacement of people following environmental degradation and shocks (english language) TA4
Part 1
Sabine Henry
Part 2
Sabine Henry
RISQ2030-1Governance, emergency planning, resilience and adaptation - Input from experience - [30h Seminar, 1d Field work] TA--[+]5