2023-2024 / Advanced Master

Integrated Production and Preservation of Natural Resources in Urban and Peri-Urban Environments

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Compulsory courses

VEGE0041-2Pest biology and ecology, Introduction - [8h Autres] B1Q1346[+]4
Notice : teachers: Caroline De Clerck, Frédéric Francis, Eric Haubruge, Sébastien Massart, François Verheggen (ULiege - GxABT)
BIOD0001-3Biodiversity management - [6h Seminar] B1Q118-[+]2
Notice : teacher: Arnaud Monty (ULiège - GxABT)
HULG0473-1Hydroponics and fertirrigationB1Q13
Study of nutritional solutions   18-- 
Study of substrates   18-- 
Notice : teacher: Stéphanie Cognet (HECh)
HULG0474-1Vegetable crops - [6h Field trip] B1Q136-[+]3
Notice : teacher: Stéphanie Cognet (HECh)
HULG9308-1Establishing production methods: seed production and quality control (including young plants): in vitro culture
Dimitri Bister
HULG9307-1Establishing production methods: seed production and quality control (including young plants): practical work and seminars B1Q2---2
Notice : teacher: Nicole Denet (HECh)
VEGE0042-1Integrated and agroecological protection of crops B1Q12928-6
Notice : teachers: Frédéric Francis, Eric Haubruge, Haissam Jijakli, Sébastien Massart, Jeroen Meersmans, François Verheggen (ULiège - GxABT)
PAYS0016-2Plants and towns, Agriculture and towns - [12h Field trip] B1Q18-[+]2
Notice : teacher: Haissam Jijakli (ULiège - GxABT)
PAYS0017-2Plants and towns, Biodiversity and towns - [11h Projet] B1Q116-[+]2
Notice : teacher: Grégory Mahy (Uliège - GxABT)
GERE0029-1Ground remediation - [10h Field trip] B1Q168[+]2
HORT0014-2Urban ecology B1Q21212-2
Notice : teacher: Jan Bogaert (ULiège - GxABT)
HULG0475-1Production and quality control of composts - [4h Field trip] B1Q212-[+]1
Notice : teacher: Stéphane Cognet (HECh)
MANA0006-1Portfolio : preparation of the personal project, - Identification of the missing skills and know-how for the personal project. - Support for the acquisition of these skills through a specific literary research and / or an existing training within the University of Liege B1Q224--2
Notice : teachers: Haissam Jijakli, Sébastien Massart (ULiège - GxABT)
VEGE0036-2Tropical agroecology, Introduction - [20h Field trip]
Ludivine Lassois - Suppl : N...
Notice : teacher: N. , Ludivine Lassois (ULiège - GxABT)
AGRO0022-1Project cycle management - [21h Autres] B1Q115-[+]3
Notice : teacher: Sébastien Massart (ULiège - GxABT)
HULG0476-1"Chaire SUD" - [36h Seminar]
Appolinaire Biloso, Abderrahim Hormatallah, Léon Lyongo
RTFE0016-1Final thesis B1Q2---20