2023-2024 / University certificate

Teaching French as a foreign language or second language

25 crédits

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Compulsory courses

FLES0002-5Didactics and methodology of French as a foreign or second language (CEFLES) B1Q1255-3
LROM0190-2Principles of the grammar of modern French (CEFLES) B1Q130--3
FLES0012-3Practical issues related to the Teaching of French as a Foreign and Second Language (CEFLES) B1TA1530-3
FLES0004-3Pedagogy of the grammar of French as a foreign and second language (CEFLES) B1Q11020-2
FLES0003-2Information and communication technologies for the teaching/learning of French as a foreign language (CEFLES) B1Q21020-3
FLES0010-2Problems faced by Immigrants who learn French as a Second Language (CEFLES) B1Q21020-3
PSTA0004-2On site training : teaching French as a foreign language both in Belgium and abroad, including the drafting of training reports and attending a workshop on how to integrate in-school training (CEFLES) - [30h internship] B1TA--[+]8