2023-2024 / Master

History of art and archaeology : musicology (60 ECTS)

60 crédits

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Block 1

Compulsory courses

PTFE0023-1Final work
HAAR0152-4Colloquium - Thesis preparation workshop

Musicology orientation

MUSI0037-1History questions of popular music Q230--5
MUSI0045-1Questions relating to the history of music theory - [30h Seminar] Q1--[+]5
MUSI0041-2Repertoire, performance, discography - [3d Field trips, travels and pract] Q130-[+]5
HAAR0127-1Seminar on the history of music - Music and theatre* - [30h Seminar] Q1--[+]5

Optional courses

Tools and Methods: choose two courses from:

ARCH0594-1Documentation and modelling heritage Q140--5
HAAR0046-1Techniques of graphical, photographical documentation and computer graphics
Collégialité, Line Van Wersch
HAAR0080-1Heritage interpretation: guiding practice Q130--5
HAAR0131-2Carved inheritance analysis - [8d Field trips, travels and pract] (Even years, not organized in 2023-2024) Q130-[+]5
HULG0176-1Preventive conservation of museum collections Q130--5
HAAR0079-1Special questions on the techniques of excavations - [10d Field trips and excavations] Q230-[+]5
LCLA2061-1Greek and Latin epigraphy: Sources and Methods Q130--5
LCLA2062-1Greek and Latin epigraphy: texts and documents Q230--5
HIST0005-2Medieval and modern paleography, Theory Q130--5
DOCU0008-1Codicology Q230--5
HIST0164-1History of techniques Q230--5
HAAR0251-1Museums and scientific promotion of cultural heritage - [8d Field trips, travels and pract] Q230-[+]5

Choose a seminar among the following :

HAAR0117-1Seminar on art history and archaeology of prehistory - [30h Seminar] Q2--[+]5
HAAR0120-1Seminar on Ancient Egyptian Art History and Archaeology - [30h Seminar, 8h Field trips, travels and pract] Q1--[+]5
HAAR0119-1Seminar on history of art, archaeology and civilizations of the ancient Middle East - [30h Seminar] Q1--[+]5
HAAR0121-2Seminar on the history of art and archeology of Greco-Roman antiquity - [30h Seminar, 5d Field trips, travels and pract] Q2--[+]5
HAAR0111-2Seminars on History of the Art of the Middle Ages - [8d Field trips, travels and pract] Q130-[+]5
HAAR0110-1Seminar on art history of modern Times : Renaissance Q230--5
HAAR0125-1Seminar on art history of the contemporary Period. The 19th and the 20th centuries - [30h Seminar, 8h Field trips, travels and pract] Q2--[+]5
HAAR0135-1Museology seminar Q230--5

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