2023-2024 / Master

History (60 ECTS)

60 crédits

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Block 1

Compulsory courses

HIST0013-3Evolution of notions and methods used in history Q130--5
HIST0267-1Economic and social history TA45--5
HIST0083-1Methodological seminar on preparing a thesis TA30--5
PTFE0008-1Final thesis, included the oral communication of research results TA---20

Optional courses

Notice : Students must choose their ¿Seminar on Historical Criticism¿ and their ¿Institutions¿ courses to match their ¿Final Dissertation¿.

Choose 1 research seminar amongst :

HIST0007-3Historical criticism seminar (Greek and Roman Antiquity) - [5d Field trips, travels and pract] TA1530[+]10
HIST0009-3Historical criticism seminar (Middle Ages) - [5d Field trips, travels and pract] TA1530[+]10
HIST0010-3Historical criticism seminar (Modern times) - [5d Field trips, travels and pract] TA1530[+]10
HIST0008-4Historical criticism seminar (Contemporary period) - [5d Field trips, travels and pract] TA1530[+]10

Choose 1 course of Institutions from :

HIST0045-1Institutions of Ancient Greece and Rome Q130--5
HIST0047-1Institutions of the Middle Ages Q230--5
HIST0048-1Institutions of the early modern era Q230--5
HIST0046-1Institutions of the Modern Era Q130--5

Choose two courses out of the following :

HIST0141-1International Relations in Antiquity Q230--5
HIST0143-1International relations in modern times (16th- 18th centuries) Q230--5
HIST0078-1History of International relations of Belgium Q230--5
HIST0034-1History of Burgundian States Q230--5
HIST0042-1History of the Principality of Liege Q130--5
HIST0166-1Mediaeval and modern political and legal institutions: diachronic perspectives* Q130--5
HREL0004-1Introduction to the history of Christianity Q130--5
HREL0010-1Introduction to Reformation history Q230--5
HIST0030-1History and religion of the Arab-Muslim world I Q230--5
HIST0080-1History of information and the press in particular Q130--5
HIST0079-1History of business Q130--5
HIST0038-2(pas organisé en 2023-2024) European construction history Q230--5
MEDC0003-1Cultural history of the visual Q130--5
HIST0085-1Mediating historical knowledge Q130--5
HIST0056-1History of books and libraries Q230--5

Bloc d'aménagement du programme de l'année

Additional credits Master in History (60 ECTS max.)

These additional credits (maximum 60 credits) consist of theory and practical courses in the Bachelors in History programme selected in consultation with the president of the jury depending on the applicant¿s study plan. For more information, contact the secretary of the course: corinne.bolsee@uliege.be

Optional courses

Choose courses totalling 60 ECTS amongst :

[...] At most 60 credits of courses from "Bachelier en histoire"-