2023-2024 / Master

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation (60 ECTS)

60 crédits

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Compulsory courses

PHYL0540-1Physiology of physical effort B1Q12015-3
NUTR0717-1Nutrition, pathologies and rehabilitation B1Q25--1
METO1018-2Evidence Based Practice - Research and critical analysis of literatureB1Q11
Appropriate use of questionnaires   5-- 
Evidence Based Practice   6-- 
Use of a statistical software   4-- 
KINE0540-1Adapted physical and sport activitiesB1Q13
Physical and sport activities - Practice in physiotherapy   -20- 
Physical and sport activities - Theory   15-- 
KINE0648-1Educational and rehabilitative aspects of the geriatric patient B1Q2309-3
KINE0006-1Approach to new technologies and the promotion of physical activity B1Q215--2
DROI0540-1Law, deontology and professional management B1Q217--2
KINE0546-2Training of the therapeutic reasoning of kinesitherapy (ARTK) - [15h Seminar] B1Q2--[+]2
KINE0547-1ECOS: Integrating knowledge in physical therapy and rehabilitation - [80h Autres]
Stages de kinésithérapie (partim II)
KINE0004-1Particular techniques of physiotherapy - Theory
Techniques particulières de la kinésithérapie - Pratique
KINE0005-1Particular techniques of the physiotherapy - Practice
Techniques particulières de la kinésithérapie - Théorie
MMEM0001-1Final thesis in physiotherapy and rehabilitation
MSTG0540-2Training courses of physiotherapy (part II) - [910h internship] B1TA--[+]14

Additional ECTS Master in physiotherapy and rehabilitation


Compulsory courses

CHIM1310-2Chemistry preparing to motricity sciences - [30h Monitored workshops] B0Q1--[+]1
PHYS0511-3Physical and mathematical bases for motor sciences - [30h Monitored workshops] B0Q1--[+]1
NERF0537-1Multidisciplinary approach to the nervous system (anatomy - pathology) - TheoryB0Q14
Introduction to neuroanatomy   10-- 
Advanced studies in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology   246- 
Neuropsychology introduction   12-- 
Biochemistry   2-- 
Histology - [2h Question and answer session]   --[+] 
General pathology   2-- 
Special pathology   18-- 
NERF0535-2Multidisciplinary approach to the nervous system (physiotherapy) - TheoryB0Q12
Physiotherapy   22-- 
Electrotherapy   3-- 
Neuropediatric rehabilitation   8-- 
NERF0533-2Multidisciplinary approach (pathology - physiotherapy) to the nervous system - Practice B0Q1-15-2
NERF0001-1Problem-based learning - Multidisciplinary approach to the nervous system applied to physiotherapy - [6h Apprentissage] B0Q1--[+]3
EDPH1655-1Introduction to the foundations of training B0Q110--1
KINE0647-1Multidisciplinary approach pathology - Physiotherapy : paediatrics - psychiatry - uro-gynaecology - A.T.M. - Relaxation - Theory and practiceB0Q12
Special pathology   6-- 
Physiotherapy, urology, A.T.M., palliative care, mental illness...   122- 
BIOC0520-1General biochemistry B0Q12510-2
HNOR0620-5Multidisciplinary approach to a normal human being (Part I)B0Q26
Human biochemistry   20-- 
Human physiology   205- 
Introduction to human histology - [4h Question and answer session]   10-[+] 
Introduction to nutrition   10-- 
LOCO0525-7Multidisciplinary approach to the musculoskeletal system (part II) - TheoryB0Q25
Histology - [4h Question and answer session]   4-[+] 
Biochemistry   5-- 
Physiology   4-- 
Traumatology   16-- 
General pathology   8-- 
Physiotherapy introduction   5-- 
In-depth physiotherapy   7-- 
RESP0520-3Multidisciplinary approach to respiratory tract pathologiesB0Q24
Anatomy   2-- 
Physiology   104- 
Histology - [2h Question and answer session]   4-[+] 
General pathology   2-- 
Special pathology   12-- 
RACH0631-1Multidisciplinary approach to pathology of the spine - TheoryB0Q24
Anatomy   4,5-- 
Biomechanics   1,5-- 
Special pathology introduction   3-- 
In-depth special pathology   11-- 
Sport and spine   3-- 
Spine surgery   1,5-- 
Prevention at work   1,5-- 
Introduction to manual therapy   3-- 
Problem based learning - [5h Apprentissage]   --[+] 
RACH0536-3Multidisciplinary approach to physiotherapy of the spine - PracticeB0Q23
Techniques of spinal rehabilitation   -25- 
Palpatory anatomy, including head and neck   -5- 
LOCO0641-1Electrophysiotherapy B0Q21520-2
MSTG0530-2Training courses of physiotherapy (part I) - [210h internship] B0Q2--[+]3
CAVS0630-2Multidisciplinary approach to the cardiovascular systemB0Q25
Anatomie   2-- 
Histology - [2h Question and answer session]   3-[+] 
Physiology   84- 
General pathology   3-- 
Special pathology   8-- 
Contraindications   2-- 
Physiotherapy   23- 
First aid and emergency relief   5-- 
RACH0632-1Multidisciplinary approach to physical therapy of the spine - TheoryB0Q23
Vertebral re-education   25-- 
Palpation anatomy, including of the head and neck   5-- 
LOCO0531-5Multidisciplinary approach to the musculoskeletal system (pathology - physiotherapy) (Part III) - Theory B0TA5
General pathology   2-- 
Microtraumatic traumatology   5-- 
Physiotherapy   40-- 
Palpatory anatomy of upper limb and lower limb   5-- 
Advanced traumatology   20-- 
Practical microtraumatic traumatology   -2- 
Paediatric traumatology   6-- 
LOCO0532-3Multidisciplinary approach (pathology - physiotherapy) to the musculoskeletal system - PracticeB0TA2
In-depth physiotherapy   -30- 
Palpatory anatomy of upper limb and lower limb   -5- 
Dissection and functional observation   -3-