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Certified upper secondary education teacher

30 crédits

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As part of the reform of qualifications and roles, the profiles required to carry out a position in higher education are listed according to the qualifications obtained. In order to find out which position your Master degree and the type of specialist higher education it gives you access to, please visit the Wallonia-Brussels Federation website. See http://www.enseignement.be/index.php?page=27274&navi=4240#zone_step_0

Compulsory courses

AESS0202-1General didactics: course and exercises ; observation placements ; reflexive practices - [10h internship] B1TA3010[+]4
AESS0143-1Educational Psychology of adolescents and young adults B1Q115--2
AESS0248-1Elements of sociology of education B1Q210--1
AESS0246-1Analysis of scholastic institutions and educational policies B1Q215--1
AESS0004-1Media education B1Q115--1
AESS0313-1Special teaching - course and exercises, part 1 B1Q235--3
AESS0315-1Teaching practice (including observation practice, teaching practice and reflexive practical work), part 1 B1Q2-35-3
AESS0140-1Professional ethics and training to neutrality and citizenship B1Q225--2
AESS0339-1Understand and manage the diversity of public schools B1TA1015-3
AESS0249-1Interdisciplinary seminar B1Q215--1
AESS0314-1Special teaching - course and exercises, Part 2 B1Q240--4
AESS0316-1Teaching practice (including observation practice, teaching practice and reflexive practical work), Part 2 B1Q2-40-5