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Certified upper secondary education teacher

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Within the framework of the Qualifications and Posts reform, the profiles required for a post in secondary education were listed according to the qualifications obtained. Please consult the Wallonia-Brussels Federation website to find out which posts you have access to with a master's degree and the upper secondary school teaching qualification. Go to: http://www.enseignement.be/index.php?page=27274&navi=4240#zone_step_0

Compulsory courses

AESS0202-1General didactics: course and exercises ; observation placements ; reflexive practices - [10h internship] B1TA3010[+]4
AESS0143-1Educational Psychology of adolescents and young adults B1Q115--2
AESS0248-1Elements of sociology of education B1Q210--1
AESS0246-1Analysis of scholastic institutions and educational policies B1Q215--1
AESS0004-1Media education B1Q115--1
AESS0313-1Special teaching - course and exercises, part 1 B1Q235--3
AESS0315-1Teaching practice (including observation practice, teaching practice and reflexive practical work), part 1 B1Q2-35-3
AESS0140-1Professional ethics and training to neutrality and citizenship B1Q225--2
AESS0339-1Understand and manage the diversity of public schools B1TA1015-3
AESS0249-1Interdisciplinary seminar B1Q215--1
AESS0314-1Special teaching - course and exercises, Part 2 B1Q240--4
AESS0316-1Teaching practice (including observation practice, teaching practice and reflexive practical work), Part 2 B1Q2-40-5