2023-2024 / Master

Business engineering (120 ECTS) (Digital Business)

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Block 1

This programme is the third year of the multi-disciplinary ¿Digital Business¿ programme. It is accessible on application and is only open to graduates of the Masters in Digital Sciences specialising in Management or to the Masters in Digital Civil Engineering specialising in Management.
Notice : Students are exempt from the final dissertation if they submit their interdisciplinary dissertation carried out during the Master of Information Sciences or the Master of Digital Civil Engineering.

Compulsory courses

INFO2048-1Business Analytics (english language) Q230--5
INFO0934-8Information Technology Management (english language) Q230--5
GEST3752-1Change Management (english language) Q13010-5
FINA0050-1Corporate Finance - Lectures and Seminars (english language) Q130--5
MARK9302-1International Marketing Seminar (english language) Q130--5
GPRO0002-1Skills workshops TA---5
GEST7064-1Digita Business Capstone Project TA1515-5

Optional courses

Choose one of the following courses :

LANG1945-1Elementary German 2 Q130--3
LANG1946-1Elementary Spanish 2 Q130--3
LANG1948-1Elementary Dutch 2 (dutch language) Q130--3

Choose one focus from the following :

Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics

MQGE0002-3Computational Optimization (english language) Q230--5
LOGI0012-1Logistics and Transportation (english language) Q230--5
LOGI0013-1Operation Planning (english language) Q230--5
LOGI0016-1Quality, Ethics and Sustainability in Supply Chain Management (english language) Q130--5

Choose two courses out of the following :

LOGI0017-1Distribution Management (english language) Q130--5
LOGI0015-1ERP Solutions for Supply Chains (english language) Q130--5
INFO2049-1Web and Text Analytics (english language) Q130--5

Financial Engineering

FINA0052-1Financial Derivatives (english language) Q230--5
MQGE0007-1Financial Mathematics and Stochastic Calculus (english language) Q230--5
FINA0053-1Investments and Portfolio Management (english language) Q230--5
FINA0064-1Financial Risk Modeling (english language) Q130--5

Choose two courses out of the following :

FINA0065-1Advanced Corporate Finance and Modeling (english language)
Marie Lambert - Suppl : Jürgen Hanssens, Alexandre Scivoletto
FINA0085-1Ethics, Regulation and Compliance in Finance (english language) Q130--5
FINA0063-1Advanced Statistical Methods in Finance (english language) Q130--5
FINA0060-1Empirical Methods in Financial Markets - Theory and Applications (english language) Q130--5
FINA9013-1Strategic Financial Analysis (english language) - [30h Autres] Q1--[+]5
Notice : access on file

Block 2