2023-2024 / Master

Oceanography (120 ECTS) (MER - Erasmus mundus)

120 credits

International mobility

Study visits and internships

More than 200 partner institutions can host you in more than 25 countries for Erasmus stays in Europe (Spain, France, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Portugal, etc.) or outside the EU (Canada, Brazil, etc.).

The Faculty of Science also participates in very high-level programmes and joint degrees. It offers 6 joint degree programmes: the Bachelor's in Biological Sciences (with the University of Luxembourg), the Master's in Science and Environmental Management with a specialism in Renewable Energy (with the University of Luxembourg) and with a specialism in Developing Countries (with the University of Sherbrooke), the Master's in Space Sciences (with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis), the Erasmus Mundus FAME Master's (with the Universities of Grenoble and Augsburg), the Erasmus Mundus MER Master's (with the Universities of Bordeaux, the Basque Country and Southampton). Foreign internships are also available. There are plenty of options.

Discover all the destinations.

You'll soon realise that the international dimension is evident throughout the entire degree programme. To encourage you to broaden your horizons, discover other cultures and meet students from different countries, there are many opportunities and ways to open yourself up to the world which go beyond the Erasmus programmes.

Foreign study in the course of one's time at university remains one of the most popular paths for mobility, and its effectiveness in terms of training, culture and personal development is undisputed. Study abroad provides the perfect opportunity to practise a foreign language on a daily basis, discover subjects from a new angle and thus garner a unique experience in either Europe or further afield. ULiège does everything it can to ensure that you are fully informed and prepared. It offers:

  • information sessions,
  • international days,
  • language and intercultural training.

Once you have graduated, you will also have the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus+ grant to undertake an internship abroad and acquire your first international professional work experience. ULiège also offers its students internships in development cooperation.

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