2023-2024 / Master

Oceanography (120 ECTS)

120 credits

Understanding and managing oceans and protecting our planet. A unique programme in French-speaking Belgium!


Why at the University of Liège?

To benefit from the exclusive expertise that it has been building up over more than 70 years and to become a fully fledged oceanographer.

The University of Liège is the only university in French-speaking Belgium offering this full, multidisciplinary programme.

Oceanography is the study of marine environments, seas, oceans and the animal and plant organisms that inhabit them. It makes possible the analysis of the quality and use of these resources and evaluates the reserves of resources available for exploitation.

  • This programme is based on experience in oceanography developed at Liège over more than 70 years. ULiège has a reputation in this field that is recognised worldwide.
  • Our university is the only one in French-speaking Belgium to have an Undersea and Oceanographic Research Station (STARESO), to which its students and researchers have priority access.

In order to enable our future graduates to perfect their English and meet students and future oceanographers from other countries, some classes are taught in English jointly with students selected by the Erasmus Mundus MER programme.

Added value

Pourquoi à l'université de Liège ?

Pour bénéficier d'une expertise exclusive qui se construit depuis plus de 70 ans et devenir un·e véritable océanographe.

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