2023-2024 / Master

Environmental bioengineering (120 ECTS)

120 credits

Bioscience engineers in Environmental Sciences and Technologies ensure the management, preservation and rational use of renewable natural resources as well as anthropized and natural ecosystems.


During his or her training, this bioscience engineer learns to evaluate, model, exploit, manage, develop and restore natural resources and the environment, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. He or she will be a scientist prepared for the integrated analysis of complex processes at various scales, an innovator in the design of management tools and technology development.

The training is organized into course modules, more than half of which are optional, allowing the student to personalize his or her course. The education will provide skills in the areas of soil, water, air, energy, waste, scientific methods, technology, economics, law and environmental management.

Added value

Added value of the bioscience engineering masters

The Versatile training guarantees a capacity to adapt to the rapid evolution of the professions.

Psychosocial skills reinforced with a view to a future professional project.

An active internship in a company to maturing and refining your professional project.

A master thesis that proves the student autonomy and ability to pose and solve a problem whose level is compatible with the objectives of the training and the time allocated. 

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