2017-2018 / Master

The integrated management of health risks in the Global South

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Compulsory courses

GIRI0001-1Methodological bases in qualitative and quantitative data analysis - [10h Monitored workshops] B1Q110-[+]1
GIRI0002-1Conceptual frameworks of interdisciplinarity in health management B1Q120--1
GIRI0003-1Introduction to information literacy and critical appraisal of scientific literature - [4h Monitored workshops] B1Q110-[+]1
GIRI0004-1Animal production in the Global South and its health, social and environmental impacts - [8h Visit] B1Q2444[+]3
GIRI0005-1Biosecurity: a pillar of prevention strategies of zoonoses in the Global South (english language) - [20h Monitored workshops] B1Q14-[+]2
GIRI0006-1Food security in developing countries, from the individual to the population
Philippe Donnen
GIRI0007-1Antimicrobial resistance : causes and public management B1Q13810-3
GIRI0008-1Management of sanitary crisis and infection control in low resource settings B1Q120--1
GIRI0009-1Pathology of animal diseases, including zoonoses, in the Global South B1Q11620-2
GIRI0010-1Food-related health risks management - [8h Visit] B1Q12416[+]3
GIRI0011-1Animal diseases with an impact on human health in the Global South B1Q13020-3
GIRI0012-1Health risks at the interface between human and ecosystems, including wild and domestic animals B1Q22622-3
GIRI0013-1Socio-economics of animal and public health in the Global South - [14h Monitored workshops] B1Q130-[+]3
GIRI0014-1Participatory approaches in health management in the Global South - [18h Monitored workshops] B1Q26-[+]2
GIRI0015-1Cultural anthropology applied to health issues' integrated management in the Global South B1Q128--2
GIRI0016-1Ethical issues in health management in the Global South B1Q220--1
GIRI0017-1Veterinary epidemiology and risk analysis - [30h Monitored workshops] B1Q130-[+]4
GIRI0018-1Modeling techniques and advanced statistical analysis in health - [40h Monitored workshops] B1Q218-[+]4
GIRI0019-1Fieldwork and master thesis - [600h internship] B1TA--[+]20