2023-2024 / MATH0109-1



45h Th

Number of credits


Marie Baratto, Bernard Fortz

Language(s) of instruction

French language

Organisation and examination

Teaching in the first semester, review in January


Schedule online

Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

  • Elementary functions : polynomials, logarithms, exponentials;
  • Calculus (one variable) : concepts of limits, derivatives, integrals;
  • Intoduction to several-variable functions;
  • Systems of equations;
  • Applications: Financial Mathematics (Simple interest, compound interest, annuities and sinking funds, loans), Marginal Analysis, Elasticity.

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

According to the ILO's (prerequisite of the program), the student will globally learn to use mathematical tools to solve management problems. Particularly, the main objectives are: - Learning of rigor in mathematics; - Applying mathematics in management; - Solving concrete problems; - Using and applying mathematical models.
The target competences are: - Analyzing scientifically situations, - Solving problems, - Modelizing, - Arguing, - Communicating. 

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Elementary algebra (fractions, exponents, priorities among the operations, parentheses). First and second degree functions and their graphical representations.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Each notion of the contents is illustrated by exercises.

Mode of delivery (face to face, distance learning, hybrid learning)

Lectures (ex-cathedra course)
Exercises within the lectures + ad libitum

Recommended or required readings

A reference textbook, slides of the lectures and a booklet of exercices are available on the site LoL@HD.

Exam(s) in session

Any session

- In-person

written exam ( open-ended questions )

Additional information:

Exam(s) in session

Written exam with open questions.

The weight of theory is 40% and the weight of exercises is 60%. 

Work placement(s)

Organisational remarks and main changes to the course



Instructor :
Marie Baratto et Bernard Fortz

HEC Liège,
Rue Louvrex 14,
B-4000 Liège.
(Building N1, Rooms 334 and 327),
E-mails: {marie.baratto,bernard.fortz}@uliege.be

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