2023-2024 / LANG3994-1

English (Level E)


45h Th

Number of credits

 Master in psychology (120 ECTS)3 crédits 


Clara Brereton

Language(s) of instruction

English language

Organisation and examination

All year long, with partial in January


Schedule online

Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

The course in the first semester is purely internet-based and focusses on academic writing. Tasks are posted on eCampus each week, and students are required to complete each one by the set deadline. 
The course in the second semester focusses on academic speaking and will take place face-to-face.

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • write a clear, smoothly-flowing text with an appropriate style and a logical structure;
  • orally present a subject specific to their domain in a professional manner;
  • organise and manage workshops in English;
  • Write an abstract in formal, academic English.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

This course is the continuation of last year's course, so the level corresponds to the European level C1+. Thus, students will need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar studied in the previous years of their degree.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Students will concentrate on fine-tuning their academic English skills and the activities will include:

  • Practice in using grammar and domain-specific vocabulary in short written texts and adapted exercises;
  • Theory behind producing academic written work and practice (Q1);
  • Producing an academic report in English (Q1);
  • Theory and practise of academic speaking (Q2);
  • Organisation and management of a seminar (Q2).

Mode of delivery (face to face, distance learning, hybrid learning)

Blended learning

Additional information:

Distance learning via eCampus for the duration of Q1 (due to students' internships and the difficulty of planning a face-to-face class).
Face-to-face teaching in Q2 as the class is based purely on improving students' speaking skills.

Recommended or required readings

The material (syllabus with theory and exercises, Powerpoint slides, eCampus tests, videos etc.) can all be found on eCampus.


Grammaire Anglaise de Base (with exercises and keys), ISLV
Advanced Grammar in Use by Martin Hewings, Cambridge University Press

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Pearson Education Ltd. or its online version http://www.ldoceonline.com
Merriam-Webster Dictionary at http://www.merriam-webster.com

Exam(s) in session

Any session

- In-person

written exam ( open-ended questions ) AND oral exam

Written work / report

Continuous assessment

Additional information:

1. Presence & participation (10%)

- Online grammar and listening tests and compulsory written assignments (Q1) - 5%

- Attendance at three seminars (Q2) - 5%

 2.Written report (Q1; submission by January 9th) - 20%

3. Seminar (group presentation plus workshops) - 20%

4. Written exam (abstract for an article) - 25% 

5. Oral exam (presentation of thesis & discussion of seminars) - 25%


Work placement(s)

Organisational remarks and main changes to the course


Clara BRERETON, c.brereton@uliege.be
ISLV office at Sart Tilman : Level -1 in Bât B33 (Trifac) 04 366 46 52

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