2023-2024 / LANG2942-1

English 3 - 2nd part


30h Th

Number of credits


Xuan Giang Nguyen, Pauline Warroquiers

Language(s) of instruction

English language

Organisation and examination

All year long, with partial in January


Schedule online

Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

In order to be able to follow the courses taught in English in their future Master degree, students must be able to: - understand and summarise information - make presentations - write emails and opinion notes By covering diverse topics, students will have to practise the 4 skills (reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing).

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

In agreement with the ILOs, the course aims at consolidating the B2 level and reach the C1 level thanks to a variety of activities covering the four skills.
In practice:
-Speaking: the student will be able to express themselves fluently on business and economic topics, hold a meeting and make a presentation.
- Writing: the student will have to be able to deliver a high quality essay, using accurate and professional vocabulary and correct grammar structures.
- Reading: the student will have to be able to understand a text / unseen press article, and summarize it, rephrase the information, comment on it and answer questions about its contents.
- Listening: the student will have to be able to understand and extract the message of an unseen video or audio extract, and render the information in their own words or answer questions about the contents of the extract.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Students must have a B2 level.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Variety of activities: discussions, vocabulary exercises, listening and reading comprehension, case studies and presentations.

Mode of delivery (face to face, distance learning, hybrid learning)

Face-to-face course

Additional information:

Face-to-face teaching.
Homework to be done at home. 
Attendance required at certain dates, which will be communicated beforehand, for assessments. 

Recommended or required readings

The course is based on various units related to the business world. The notes are given in class or posted on Lol@. 

Exam(s) in session

January exam session

- In-person

written exam AND oral exam

May-June exam session

- In-person

written exam AND oral exam

August-September exam session

- In-person

written exam AND oral exam

Out-of-session test(s)

Additional information:

First session (January / June)

The final mark will be calculated on the basis of the following assignments: 

1. Written part

- Written exam, which will comprise the following competencies: reading, listening, writing.

2. Oral part

- a case study
- a presentation
- an oral exam

Second session

Students who do not obtain a final grade of 10/20 will be required to retake the failed part(s) in August. He/she will have to retake only the part(s) for which he/she is failing (oral and/or written part). Each of these parts is worth 50% of the final grade. In-class assessment marks (case study and presentation) are no longer taken into account.

1. Written exam

2. Oral exam

Work placement(s)

Organisational remarks and main changes to the course

Students are distributed in groups of 20.
Important:Students taking English part 1 must take English part 2 in the second semester.
The exam of the groups from the first semester will take place in January, the exam of the groups from the second semester will be held in June.


Nguyen Xuan Giang

Warroquiers Pauline

Office 215
14 rue Louvrex, 4000 Liège
04/ 232 72 86

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