2023-2024 / LANG0089-3

Dutch level 2


60h Th

Number of credits

 Bachelor in information and communication5 crédits 


Claudine Colin


Claudine Colin

Language(s) of instruction

Dutch language

Organisation and examination

All year long, with partial in January


Schedule online

Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

  • CEFRL levels of the course :
Listening B2 Reading B2 Speaking B1 Lecturing B2 Writing B1
Study of the vocabulary and the main chapters of Dutch grammar through grammar (drill) exercises, reading, writing, speaking and listening activities. The subjects are of general interest.

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

This is the second year of a 3-year programme. The final objective is written and oral practice of everyday Dutch.
The second part focuses on listening comprehension and speaking.
All useful and practical information is contained in a document available on eCampus, Informatie en organisatie.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

A basic knowledge of oral and written Dutch is required (see description 1st year).

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Mode of delivery (face to face, distance learning, hybrid learning)

Face-to-face course

Additional information:

2 hours every week the whole year It is possible to follow convers@tions at the same time.

Recommended or required readings

  • Nederlands - Niveau 1 en 2 - Oefeningen bij de spraakkunst, Colin, Gehlen. (eCampus + Intercopy)
  • Beknopte basiswoordenschat 1-2-3, Colin, Gehlen, 3e uitgave, 2019 (eCampus + Intercopy)
  • Précis de grammaire néerlandaise, Colin, Gehlen (eCampus + Intercopy)
  • Syllabus texts and exercises (available on eCampus)
eCampus -> code de cours -> contenus

Exam(s) in session

Any session

- In-person

written exam ( multiple-choice questionnaire, open-ended questions ) AND oral exam

Additional information:

Examination in January
Written an oral examination at the end of the year.
The mark of the midterm exam in January will count for 15% of the June final mark if > or = 10/20. The mark will have no effect on the final grade if it doesn't reach 10/20 and the final exam will then be cumulative.

Work placement(s)

Organisational remarks and main changes to the course

Course participation is compulsory. Attendance will be recorded. An immediate update is essential in case of absence.


Claudine Colin
Premier chargé d'enseignement ISLV-ULiège
Coordinatrice des cours de néerlandais

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Online notes
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