2023-2024 / GYNE2052-1

Interuniversity theory teaching, B3

Fetal medicine

Ultrasound scan, 2nd semester

Advanced obstetric pathology

Gynaecological pathology: surgical aspect

Pathological endocrinology

Senology: malignancies

Vulvovaginal disorders

Maternal and neonatal resuscitation, 3rd year

Gynaecological ultrasound


Fetal medicine : 8h Th
Ultrasound scan, 2nd semester : 46h Th
Advanced obstetric pathology : 8h Th
Gynaecological pathology: surgical aspect : 8h Th
Pathological endocrinology : 8h Th
Senology: malignancies : 8h Th
Vulvovaginal disorders : 8h Th
Maternal and neonatal resuscitation, 3rd year : 8h Th
Gynaecological ultrasound : 8h Th

Number of credits

 Advanced Master in Gynaecology and Obstetrics10 crédits 


Fetal medicine : Xavier Capelle, Frédéric Chantraine, Christine Van Linthout
Ultrasound scan, 2nd semester : Xavier Capelle, Frédéric Chantraine, Christine Van Linthout
Advanced obstetric pathology : Frédéric Chantraine, Patrick Emonts
Gynaecological pathology: surgical aspect : Laurent de Landsheere, Frédéric Goffin, Frédéric Kridelka, Patricia Nervo, Michelle Nisolle
Pathological endocrinology : Aude Beliard, Axelle Pintiaux
Senology: malignancies : Valérie Bleret, Joëlle Desreux, Eric Lifrange
Vulvovaginal disorders : Collégialité
Maternal and neonatal resuscitation, 3rd year : Pierre-Yves Dewandre
Gynaecological ultrasound :


Frédéric Kridelka

Language(s) of instruction

French language

Organisation and examination

All year long, with partial in January


Schedule online

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