2023-2024 / GEST1093-1



30h Th

Number of credits

 Master in management (120 ECTS) (evening classes)5 crédits 
 Master in management (60 ECTS) (evening classes)5 crédits 


Julien Paeschen

Language(s) of instruction

French language

Organisation and examination

Teaching in the second semester


Schedule online

Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

The objective of the course is to make students aware of themes related to entrepreneurship and to give them a taste of the entrepreneurship spirit.
This course does not have the ambition to make you become entrepreneurs, but rather to approach a vision of management and "entrepreneurial skills" as well as to approach the different facets of entrepreneurial creation by demystifying stereotypes and preconceived ideas.
The course will be divided between theoretical sessions, testimonials from entrepreneurs, and readings and achievements of team works and/or personal works.

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

The Intended Learning Outcomes: 

- Understand, in management situations, the transversal tools of quantitative reasoning, information systems and project management methods

- Faced with a management problem, suggest solutions that are ethical and socially responsible and that respect the principles of good governance

- Be capable of team work

- Develop Leadership

- Develop a transversal and global vision

- Devise creative solutions

- Be able of a profesionnal oral communication

- Be able of a profesionnal written communication

- New ideas: generation and evaluation. Identification of new business opportunities.

- Environment: understand the recent evolutions of the world in its macroeconomic, geopolitical, social,  technological, ecological...

Prerequisite knowledge and skills


Planned learning activities and teaching methods

To familiarize students with the entrepreneurial spirit the course will be built with:
- Theoretical courses and/or online courses - Provision of documents (slides, notes, readings, videos ...) - Testimonials from entrepreneurs and actors in the entrepreneurial environment - Individual works and/or team works

Mode of delivery (face to face, distance learning, hybrid learning)

Face-to-face course
Blended learning

Additional information:

Due to the "COVID-19" health situation, the information in this section is particularly susceptible to change throughout the year.

The course will be organized mainly face-to-face with work to be done independently. The course may become hybride if necessary.

All course materials and necessary information will be communicated through the LOLA HD platform.

Recommended or required readings

"Business model canvas" by Osterwalder & Pigneur

Exam(s) in session

May-June exam session

- In-person

written exam ( multiple-choice questionnaire ) AND oral exam

- Remote

written exam ( multiple-choice questionnaire )

Written work / report

Additional information:

Due to the "COVID-19" health situation, the information in this section is particularly susceptible to change throughout the year.

 First session
The evaluation of the entrepreneurship course is divided into two parts:
- Oral presentation(s) in group -> 50%
- A final exam, multiple-choice questionnaire - online or "face to face". -> 50%

Any absence for one of these tests prevails for the entire final grade.

Second session
The evaluation of the entrepreneurship course is composed of the realization of a blueprint opportunity.

The counters are reset to zero, meaning that neither the points from the final exam nor the points from the oral presentations of the group work are included in the mark for the second session.

Work placement(s)

Organisational remarks and main changes to the course

This course requires hard work and continuous personal involvement.

Attendance at face-to-face courses is strongly recommended as well as continued participation in online modules.


Professor : Paeschen Julien

Association of one or more MOOCs

Items online

Readings available on Orbi
Readings available on Orbi