2023-2024 / GERM0068-1

History of English language


30h Th

Number of credits

 Bachelor in modern languages and literatures : German, Dutch and English5 crédits 
 Bachelor in modern languages and literatures : general5 crédits 


Lieselotte Brems

Language(s) of instruction

English language

Organisation and examination

Teaching in the second semester


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Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

  • The pre-history of English: the IE family and the Germanic subgroup
  • Varieties and dialects
  • Major stages of the development of the language
  • Development of a standard; dialect variations

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

  • To introduce students to the diachronic dimension of the study of English; and to introduce them to some basic terms
  • To emphasize the link between major historical events (politics, culture, social and religious history ) of Great Britain and the development of the language
  • To provide a sociocultural approach to Geat Britain

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Good knowledge of English

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

ex-cathedra classes

Mode of delivery (face to face, distance learning, hybrid learning)


Recommended or required readings

  • a syllabus will be available

Exam(s) in session

Any session

- In-person

written exam ( open-ended questions )

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Written exam on the course notes and presentations 

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Organisational remarks and main changes to the course

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Lieselotte BREMS, chargée de cours lbrems@uliege.be Département de Langues et littératures modernes 3, place Cockerill, 6e étage

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