2023-2024 / ENVT3050-1

Quantification of ecosystem services


9h Th, 5h Pr, 6h AUTR

Number of credits

 Master in agricultural bioengineering (120 ECTS)2 crédits 
 Master in bioengineering : chemistry and bio-industries (120 ECTS)2 crédits 
 Master in environmental bioengineering (120 ECTS)2 crédits 
 Master in forests and natural areas engineering (120 ECTS)2 crédits 


Marc Dufrêne


Marc Dufrêne

Language(s) of instruction

French language

Organisation and examination

Teaching in the first semester, review in January


Schedule online

Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

ES concept origin
ES typology
How to measure and to map the ES?
How to evaluate the ES?
How to apply ES to a case study?

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

They will be able to define and understand the complexity of ecosystem services and to estimate their relative importance in the landscape with different types of indicators. They will be able to use ecosystem services as indicators of the interactions between actors and users of a landscape. They will be able to develop holistic and holistic ecosystem services assessments. They will learn to identify relevant information in a large and diverse literature. They will learn to defend their assessment compared to other groups.

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Good knowledge in ecology and in landscape analysis (GIS is a plus)

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Interactive course with a logic of inverted classes (work in class) to discover the subject (typology - evaluation) with a summary given by the supervisor.
A significant part of the course is devoted to a work group consisting of a literature review to gather and organize information to complete a table summarizing ecosystem services related to land classes and uses. This table will be used to test different scenarios of landscape dynamics.

Mode of delivery (face to face, distance learning, hybrid learning)

Face-to-face + group works + report restitution.

Recommended or required readings

A wide variety of references is provided to learn how to identify relevant information.

Exam(s) in session

Any session

- In-person

written exam ( open-ended questions )

Additional information:

Group report (60%) and written examination (40%)

Work placement(s)

Organisational remarks and main changes to the course

 The organization will be announced in class.



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