2021-2022 / PROJ0017-1

Personal student project in Data Science


150h Proj.

Nombre de crédits

 Master en science des données, à finalité5 crédits 
 Master : ingénieur civil en science des données, à finalité5 crédits 


Pierre Geurts, Gilles Louppe

Langue(s) de l'unité d'enseignement

Langue anglaise

Organisation et évaluation

Enseignement durant l'année complète


Horaire en ligne

Unités d'enseignement prérequises et corequises

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Contenus de l'unité d'enseignement

In this course, the student will carry out a personal project in data science, which can be a stand-alone data analysis, a piece of data science software, or a part of a larger, possibly interdisciplinary, project. We generally consider that it amounts to one month of full-time work.
The project topic is proposed by the student. It must be clearly specified and approved by the coordinator who will assign an advisor. The work achieved by the student in this project cannot be credited to any other of his/her courses.

Acquis d'apprentissage (objectifs d'apprentissage) de l'unité d'enseignement

The project aims at developing the students' ability to carry out a realistic data science project from the conceptual to the operational phase. The students will improve their creativity, autonomy, communication and writing skills.

Ce cours contribue aux acquis d'apprentissage I.1, I.2, II.1, II.2, III.1, III.2, III.3, III.4, IV.1, IV.3, IV.4, V.1, V.3, VI.1, VII.1, VII.2, VII.3, VII.4, VII.5 du programme d'ingénieur civil en science des données.

Savoirs et compétences prérequis

Activités d'apprentissage prévues et méthodes d'enseignement

  • Feedback on technical progress,
  • Writing of a final report,
  • Defence and demonstration of the project.

Mode d'enseignement (présentiel, à distance, hybride)

The project is mainly carried out remotely. The student will keep his/her advisor informed of his/her progress on a regular basis.

Lectures recommandées ou obligatoires et notes de cours

Modalités d'évaluation et critères

Examen(s) en session

Toutes sessions confondues

- En présentiel

évaluation orale

Travail à rendre - rapport

Explications complémentaires:

The evaluation will be based on the project completion report, the delivered analysis or system and its demonstration, and the project defence. There are no formal constraints on the size of the report, but it will typically be 20-page long. It should describe the context of the work, the problem addressed, the methodology, the accomplished tasks, the obtained results, and a conclusion (contributions and perspectives). It is necessary to provide enough quantitative information on the experimental analysis, the implemented system and the accomplished tests. The defence by the student is oral and public. It consists of an oral presentation, a question/answer session, and a short deliberation. The final grade considers the amount and quality of the completed work, the quality of the written report and the oral presentation, and the relevance of the provided answers.


Remarques organisationnelles

  • The final report must be submitted early January or early June.
  • The defences and demonstrations will be scheduled in January or June


Coordinator: Prof. Gilles Louppe (g.louppe@uliege.be)