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Ingénieur civil en science des données, à finalité

120 crédits

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If one or several of the mandatory courses have already been credited when entering the Master of Data science program, they can be replaced by a corresponding amount of credits chosen among the elective courses.

Compulsory courses


Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Data Science fundamentals :

INFO0016-1Introduction to the theory of computation (anglais) B1Q12626-5
MATH0461-2Introduction to numerical optimization (anglais) - [25h Projet] B1Q13020[+]5
ELEN0060-2Information and coding theory (anglais) - [30h Projet] B1Q23015[+]5
ELEN0062-1Introduction to machine learning (anglais) - [40h Projet] B1Q1305[+]5

Master thesis

ATFE9009-1Master thesis (anglais) - [750h Projet] B2TA--[+]25

Management and legal issues

DROI1357-1European law, (big) data and artificial intelligence applications seminar (anglais) B2Q124--5
GEST3162-1Principles of management (anglais) B2Q12525-5
[...] Students who have already acquired the skills and knowledge of GEST3162 (or equivalent) will replace it by a course of their choice of 5 ECTS5

Elective courses


Single focus


Professional focus in data science

MATH2021-1High-dimensional data analysis (anglais) - [30h Projet] B1Q13015[+]5
INFO8002-1Large-scale data systems (anglais) - [45h Projet] B1Q12510[+]5
PROJ0016-1Big data project (anglais) - [180h Projet]
Introduction to artificial intelligence
INFO8005-1Semantic Data (anglais) - [45h Projet] B1Q22510[+]5
INFO8010-1Deep learning (anglais) - [55h Projet] B1Q22510[+]5

Choose 10 credits in the following list among those that have not already been credited before entering the Master programme :

Remarque : INFO8006-1 is corequisite to compulsory course of the master program and must be taken as a priority, unless it was already taken as part of the bachelor or unless the
corresponding knowledge and skills have been acquired previously.
INFO8006-1Introduction to artificial intelligence (anglais) - [45h Projet] B1Q12520[+]5
INFO8003-1Optimal decision making for complex problems (anglais) - [45h Projet] B1Q22510[+]5
INFO8004-1Advanced Machine learning (anglais) - [45h Projet] B1Q225-[+]5
INFO2049-1Web and Text Analytics (anglais) B1Q130--5
ELEN0016-2Computer vision (anglais) - [50h Projet] B1Q13010[+]5
INFO0948-2Introduction to intelligent robotics (anglais) - [80h Projet] B1Q2304[+]5
PROJ0017-1Personal student project in Data Science (anglais) - [150h Projet] B1TA--[+]5
INFO0051-1Logic (anglais) - [10h Projet] B1Q12525[+]5
INFO0049-1Knowledge representation (anglais) - [50h Projet] B1Q2284[+]5
INFO0027-2Programming techniques (anglais) - [70h Projet] B1Q22424[+]5
INFO0010-4Introduction to computer networking (anglais) - [12h Laboratoire, 40h Projet] B1Q1352[+]5
INFO0940-1Operating systems (anglais) - [30h Projet] B1Q2306[+]5
INFO0045-3Introduction to computer security (anglais) - [10h Laboratoire, 30h Projet] B1Q1306[+]5
INFO8011-1Network infrastructures (anglais) - [12h Laboratoire, 30h Projet] (années impaires) B1Q130-[+]5

Choose 25 credits in the following topics, among those that have not already been credited in Block 1 or before entering this Master programme :


Elective courses in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

INFO8004-1Advanced Machine learning (anglais) - [45h Projet] B2Q225-[+]5
INFO2049-1Web and Text Analytics (anglais) B2Q130--5
MATH2022-1Large sample analysis : theory and practice (anglais) B2Q25
General course - [10h Projet]
Arnout Van Messem
Project complement - [30h Projet]
Arnout Van Messem
INFO8003-1Optimal decision making for complex problems (anglais) - [45h Projet] B2Q22510[+]5
ELEN0016-2Computer vision (anglais) - [50h Projet] B2Q13010[+]5
INFO0948-2Introduction to intelligent robotics (anglais) - [80h Projet] B2Q2304[+]5
INFO0049-1Knowledge representation (anglais) - [50h Projet] B2Q2284[+]5
GEST5006-1SAS Certification applied analytics (anglais) - [25h Travaux dirigés] B2Q215-[+]5

Elective courses in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

INFO0027-2Programming techniques (anglais) - [70h Projet] B2Q22424[+]5
INFO0939-1High performance scientific computing (anglais) - [20h Projet] B2Q13015[+]5
INFO0010-4Introduction to computer networking (anglais) - [12h Laboratoire, 40h Projet] B2Q1352[+]5
INFO0940-1Operating systems (anglais) - [30h Projet] B2Q2306[+]5
INFO0045-3Introduction to computer security (anglais) - [10h Laboratoire, 30h Projet] B2Q1306[+]5
INFO8011-1Network infrastructures (anglais) - [12h Laboratoire, 30h Projet] (années impaires) B2Q130-[+]5
MATH0462-1Discrete optimization (anglais) - [25h Projet] B2Q23020[+]5
MQGE0002-3Computational Optimization (anglais) B2Q230--5
INFO0051-1Logic (anglais) - [10h Projet] B2Q12525[+]5

Elective courses in bioinformatics

GBIO0002-1Genetics and bioinformatics (anglais) - [15h Projet] B2Q13015[+]5
GBIO0009-1Topics in bioinformatics (anglais) - [35h Projet] B2Q12515[+]5
GBIO0030-1Computational approaches to statistical genetics (anglais) - [35h Projet] B2Q22515[+]5

Elective courses in management

GEST3032-1eBusiness and eCommerce (anglais) B2Q130--5

Optional company internships

Remarque : the course units ASTG9008-1 and ASTG9009-1 are mutually exclusive
ASTG9008-1Internship (coupled with Master thesis) (anglais) - [80j Travail sur le terrain] B2TA--[+]5
ASTG9009-1Internship (independent of Master thesis) - [40j Travail sur le terrain] B2TA--[+]10


INGE0012-1Scientific research in engineering and its impact on innovation (anglais) B2Q22626-5
[...] With the agreement of the President of the Jury, students may also choose up to 15 credits in the application area of their Master thesis in other programmes of the university -
[...] With the agreement of the President of the Jury, students may also choose 5 credits in any other programme of the university.-

Crédits supplémentaires Master en ingénieur civil en sciences des données (120 ECTS)


Optional courses


Students who are admitted to this master without having acquired equivalent courses must add them to the programme of their first year.


1. Basic courses of a bachelor degree of science in engineering, including courses equivalent to :

MATH0002-4Analyse mathématique 1 B0Q12222-4
MATH0013-1Algèbre B0Q12626-5
MATH0062-1Eléments du calcul des probabilités - [25h Projet] B0Q21510[+]3
MATH0487-2Eléments de statistiques - [25h Projet] B0Q11510[+]3
MATH0488-1Eléments de processus stochastiques - [30h Projet] B0Q21010[+]2
INFO2009-2Introduction à l'informatique B0Q12414-4
MATH0006-3Introduction to numerical analysis (anglais) B0Q12020-4
MECA0003-2Mécanique rationnelle B0Q12030-4
SYST0002-2Introduction aux signaux et systèmes - [15h Projet] B0Q12626[+]5

2.  Additional courses in computer science :

INFO0902-1Structures des données et algorithmes - [40h Projet] B0Q22620[+]5
INFO0009-2Bases de données (organisation générale) - [25h Projet] B0Q22626[+]5
INFO0054-1Programmation fonctionnelle - [15h Projet] B0Q22824[+]5
INFO0062-1Object-oriented programming (anglais) - [20h Projet] B0Q22520[+]5

3. A level B2 in English.