2019-2020 / Master

Oceanography (120 ECTS)

120 crédits

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Block 1

Compulsory courses

OCEA0075-1Physical oceanography and marine meteorologyQ16
Theory and practice   3015- 
Field work trips - [3d Field work]   --[+] 
OCEA0086-1Chemical oceanography (english language) - [2d Field work] TA205[+]4
OCEA0087-1Satellite oceanography (english language) Q11515-3
GEOL1039-1Geological oceanographyQ15
From theory to field work - [1d Field work]   2020[+] 
Additional field work - [2d Field work]   --[+] 
OCEA0088-1Marine ecology (english language) - [4d Field work] Q115-[+]4
OCEA0089-1Introduction to marine ecosystems modelling (english language) Q11515-3
OCEA0014-1Mathematical analysis and modelling methods applied to the environment Q12020-4
OCEA0049-1Pelagic oceanography - [2d Field work] Q21515[+]4
OCEA0011-2Coastal oceanography - [3d Field work] Q22010[+]5
OCEA0019-1Biological oceanology - [8d Field work] Q230-[+]6
OCEA0090-1Dynamics of marine ecosystems Q22020-4
DROI0725-1Law of the sea and of sea environment Q220--2
GEOG0043-1Developing marine resources Q220--3
GEOG2012-1Coastal geomorphology, changing sea levels and the vulnerability of coastal regions - [3d Field work] Q22010[+]3
OCEA0091-1Methodological approach to oceanography practice - [30h Monitored workshops] Q2--[+]4
Notice : A practical, two-week work placement (sampling on a boat, diving, dosages, plankton, benthos, data bases, etc.) is carried out at STARESO, the University¿s Station de Recherches Sous-Marines et Océanographiques (Calvi, France) at the end of the first block of the Masters in Oceanography, to carry out practical work associated with subjects covered during the year (physical, biological, geological, chemical oceanography, etc.).

Block 2

Compulsory courses

DOCU0459-1Documentation training and preparation to the final thesisQ15
Bibliographic research - [20h Monitored workshops]   --[+] 
Application to oceanography - [15h Monitored workshops]   --[+] 
SMEM0003-1Final thesis

Focus courses

Single focus

Research Focus

SSTG0032-1Internship - [1mois internship] TA--[+]6
OCEA0020-1Current issues in oceanography Q11515-4

In agreement with the Jury, choose courses for a total of 20 credits, in at least two different fields, from :


Biogeochemistry and climate change

OCEA0219-1Biogeochemical Cycles in the Ocean (english language) - [2d Field work] Q120-[+]3
OCEA0220-1Biogeochemical Cycles in the Polar Ocean and Sea Ice (english language) Q120--3
OCEA0025-1Dynamics of nutrients in marine environment : chemical and biochemical aspects - [10h Field work] Q17,57,5[+]3
GEOL0256-1Marine sediment geochemistry (english language) Q11515-4
OCEA0033-1Global changes and sea environment Q21515-3

Marine ecology and biodiversity

OCEA0092-1Biology of benthos and necton animals : invertebrates (english language) Q11515-3
BIOL0808-3Functional morphology, Marine vertebrates Q11510-3
OCEA0093-1Molecular approaches to the diversity of marine microorganisms (english language) Q11515-3
OCEA0094-1Marine phanerogames ecology (english language) Q11510-3
OCEA0043-2Ecoethology of the marine animals Q130--3
OCEA0063-1Biology of Marine Mammals (english language) Q14
Part I : Ecology and Ecotoxicology   15-- 
Part II : pathology and necropsies   1510- 
OCEA0083-1Physiology and biochemistry of the marine animals (english language) Q11515-3
OCEA0095-1Marine bacteriology (english language) Q11530-3
OCEA0223-1Biodiversity of tropical coastal regions - [15d Field work]
Bruno Frederich, Gilles Lepoint, R. Rasolofonirina

Modeling and operational oceanography

OCEA0096-1Ecological and biogeochemical cycles modeling Q11530-3
OCEA0036-1Structures and applications of marine hydrodynamic models (english language) Q11515-3
OCEA0073-1Numerical methods in geophysics, Part 1 Q21530-3
OCEA0097-1Data assimilation and inverse methods (english language) Q130--3
OCEA0071-1Geophysical fluid dynamics - part 1 (english language) Q23015-5
Part 1   2010- 
Part 2   2010- 

Exploitation of marine resources, anthropic pressures

ZOOL0218-4Aquariology Q120--3
OCEA2022-1Managing fishing resources in marine waters Q2156-2
OCEA0098-1Rivers-Oceans interface: diagnosis of surface water quality Q130--3
GCIV2040-2Swell and actions on marine structures Q1155-2
OCEA0028-1Impact study in a sea environment : theory and practice Q120--3
OCEA0099-1Marine aquaculture Q12016-3
OCEA0084-1Marine ecotoxicology (english language) Q11515-4
OCEA0144-1Ecology of the coral reefs (english language) Q130--3
OCEA0157-1Biodegradation of organic molecules in a sea environment (english language) Q120--3
OCEA0158-1Phytoplankton, a tool for supporting the management of the marine environment - [10h Monitored workshops] Q1108[+]4

Data acquisition and processing

OCEA0159-1(pas organisé en 2019-2020) Advanced satellite oceanography (english language)
OCEA0035-1Data acquisition and analysis, complements Q11510-3
OCEA0224-1Statistical analysis of oceanographic data Q11515-3
OCEA0027-1Applications of stable isotopes in marine sciences Q11515-4
OCEA0160-1Techniques of sampling in marine ecology (english language) Q115--3
OCEA0085-1Methods of investigation, observation and analysis of marine plankton - [12h Monitored workshops] Q1105[+]4
GEOL1021-1Introduction to geophysical exploration - [5d Field work] Q23030[+]6
OCEA0161-1Scientific diving - [6d Field work] Q110-[+]5
[...] Exceptionally, and with the agreement of the Jury, one or several courses can be chosen in another programme (for instance, in relation with the student's final dissertation,...)-

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