2019-2020 / Master

Cosmos exploration

60 credits

Programme content

he Master in Cosmos Exploration : an unique master in Belgium.

The courses related to astrophysics, planetology, and sciences of Universe are usually reserved for students prepared to study mathematics. However, the sciences of the universe arouse great interest among generalist students, especially among young people who want to study science but do not consider advanced mathematics or physics. This programme is an alternative to access courses organized by professionals, in complementarity with the obvious course programme (bachelor or master)and promotes the emergence of multidisciplinary qualities, useful for the development of scientific activities (scientific research or other...) in various fields (chemistry, biology, geology, geography,...)related to space sector (astrophysics, planetology,...).

However, graduates from scientific disciplines, destined for professional careers in teaching or popularization in science, will be able to value this contribution of complementary culture and extend their professional background. To make the scientific culture accessible to as many people as possible in the field of sciences of Universe is a necessary condition for giving birth to vocations among the youngest and to generate interest for people.

This objective meets a societal stake whose interest is critical in our generation where science is more and more present in everyday life.

The uniqueness of this specialized master and its conditions of access, make it attractive, for Belgian and foreign students. Taught in English, it guarantees access to training for non-French speaking students, who cannot find equivalent training elsewhere.

At the end of this master, you will be able:

  • to master a basic scientific culture in the fields of astrophysics, planetology and sciences of the Universe,
  • to develop a scientific mind about the sciences of the Universe
  • to open to multidisciplinary scientific approaches
  • to interact effectively and appropriately within a multidisciplinary team
  • to open up to social society