2019-2020 / GEOG0043-1

Developing marine resources


20h Th

Number of credits

 Master in oceanography (120 ECTS)3 crédits 


Guénaël Devillet

Language(s) of instruction

French language

Organisation and examination

Teaching in the second semester


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Units courses prerequisite and corequisite

Prerequisite or corequisite units are presented within each program

Learning unit contents

The course is made of five main parts: 1. The maritime space: configuration, general management and issues; 2. The exploitation and the management of halieutic resources (fisheries and aquaculture fisheries; products markets); 3. The exploitation and the management of other natural resources (energy, water, mineral products ...); 4. Other economic valorisation (maritime transport and harbours, littoral industries, tourism); 5. The littorals: territories threaded under pressure that have to be better managed.

Learning outcomes of the learning unit

The general objective of the course is to heighten students' awareness of the two problems of sea exploitation and littoral management.
The operational objective is to be able to assess a country or a region situation concerning the fishing activity and/or the aquaculture activity and/or other kind of economic valorisation (a SWOT analysis).

Prerequisite knowledge and skills

Capacity to analyse and treat data. Capacity to realize a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).
An open attitude towards social and economic problems is also expected as well as a good basic economic and social culture.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Two workshops of analysis and data processing will be proposed : one on the status of fisheries and aquaculture in a country and the other on the market of a product.

Mode of delivery (face-to-face ; distance-learning)

Alternatively phases of theoretical lectures, phases of data treatment and phases of student presentation.

Recommended or required readings

  Copy of ppt slides

Assessment methods and criteria

Students have to complete a twenty pages work and shall present it orally by using a presentation software. This work is evaluated by both the student and the teacher, based on an evaluation grid distributed to students.

Work placement(s)

Organizational remarks


- Professeur :
B. Mérenne-Schoumaker
tél. : 04/366 53 24 - fax : 04/366 56 30
e-mail : B.Merenne@ulg.ac.be

- Secrétaire : C. Sarto
tél. : 04/366 56 23 - fax : 04/366 56 30
e-mail : C.Sarto@ulg.ac.be