2018-2019 / DMSM0001-1

Digital Consultancy Projects


30h Th

Nombre de crédits

 Master en sciences de gestion, à finalité5 crédits 


Michael Ghilissen

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Organisation et évaluation

Enseignement au premier quadrimestre, examen en janvier


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Unités d'enseignement prérequises et corequises

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Contenus de l'unité d'enseignement

The Digital Consultancy Projects course provides an invaluable opportunity for students to work in teams and apply digital marketing concepts and methodologies that they have learned to real business problems of significant importance to sponsoring companies, making tit the most rewarding experience of the program.
Taking advantage of HEC-ULg's reputation, connections, and access to a wide selection of organizations and industries around the country, students will learn from and apply their business skills to real world situations in areas relevant to digital marketing and sales management situations and individual career interests.
From the sponsoring organization's perspective, consulting field projects permit organizations to receive consulting advice on digital marketing problems. They also give organizations an opportunity to help develop and mentor DMSM students, and identify potential interns and employees.
The Digital Consultancy Projects course has a dual objective:
1.    To provide an outstanding foundation in the theory and practice of management consulting for the students.     2.    To assist companies in finding strong and cost-effective solutions to digital marketing issues, thereby enhancing global business and marketing practices.
One characteristic all projects share is that they are capable of benefiting from "state-of-the-art" management thinking and from the combined multi-functional skills of a consultancy team.

Acquis d'apprentissage (objectifs d'apprentissage) de l'unité d'enseignement

Our experience is that explicit teaching of good management consulting practices enables our DMSM graduates to become not only outstanding consultants themselves, but also smart consumers of consulting services in their future careers.
In the course of the project you will learn how to:
a)    Define and work to a project brief b)    Research relevant information and carry out in depth analysis of data c)    Work as consultants with a team of specialists d)    Use negotiating skills e)    Write a coherent and logical report which makes well thought out recommendations for implementation f)    Deliver a result against an agreed deadline.
In official KLO terms, you will

  • Establish a strategy in order to optimize the value chain of a project.
  • Take charge of the everyday management of a project.
  • Communicate efficiently, internally, about a project. Develop professional communications skills.
  • Adapt your managerial practice to the needs of the company. 

Savoirs et compétences prérequis


Activités d'apprentissage prévues et méthodes d'enseignement

The Digital Consultancy Projects course consists of two main parts:
1/ Consulting skills workshops:
Consultants help analyze and solve organizations' most challenging business problems. These issues are often complex and ill-defined. Time, data, and resources may be limited. Management consultants successfully tackle these challenges by applying a structured approach to their analysis.  The skills that consultants hone through this practice can be applied in a variety of business contexts and allow for structured, successful problem solving across disciplines.
*    Negotiation for business managers *    Storytelling *    Sales and sales management *    Consulting practice
Experienced managers and senior executives of partner organizations will be invited to participate in workshops and class presentations.
2/ Project:
Each project is assigned a team of 3 students. The team will work closely with the client throughout the period. Each team will travel to the organization to conduct extensive in-depth interviews with executives, customers, suppliers and others, as needed.
Students will discuss their challenges, approaches and recommendations in class and on-line while benefiting from the guidance and expertise of the instructor who is a seasoned strategy consulting practitioner.
You will also learn to:
*    Introduce the customer as the unit of analysis *    Introduce the key strategic initiatives using customer information *    Introduce analytical and statistical modeling of customer information *    Understand when analytical methods are appropriate and when they fail
3/ Sales Management Seminar
Digiital economy companies (Amazon, Google,  Groupon, Zalando, LinkedIn, ...) have diversified business models with strong revenue generated through customer focus, sales discipline, scalable processes, and customer relationships (SMB or large accounts). As a result, a new pattern of best practices and leadership is emerging.
Students examine ways to set a strategic foundation for sales success, define optimal selling behavior, and transform corporate strategy into effective account management.

Mode d'enseignement (présentiel ; enseignement à distance)

Case studies, lectures, group presentations, consulting sessions, project review meetings.

Lectures recommandées ou obligatoires et notes de cours


Modalités d'évaluation et critères

Class participation, continuous evaluation, writing and presentation of a consulting report. In-company presentation.


Remarques organisationnelles

What are the Responsibilities of the DMSM Students?
*    Representing themselves and HEC Management School of the University of Liege in a professional manner *    Developing and making three presentations to the sponsor: an initial presentation defining the scope of the project, and interim presentation with the proposed approach and methodology, and a final presentation describing the findings and recommendations *    Keeping in regular touch with the coordinator from the sponsoring organization *    If requested by the sponsoring organization, keeping the analysis, and, recommendations confidential
This course is not open for students not registered in the DMSM program.


Professor: Michael Ghilissen E-mail : michael.ghilissen@ulg.ac.be Office hours: by appointment only.