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LANG0835-1  Business Dutch (L3) level 5
Duration :  30h Th
Credits/ECTS :  
Master in Management Engineering, professional Focus, 2nd yearDeuxième quadrimestre2
Holder(s) :  Doris De Laet, ISLV
Language :  Langue néerlandaise
Course contents :  This course enables students to improve their practice of business Dutch and focusses on skills such as applying for a job, interpreting and presenting graphs and figures, negociating, presenting and interpreting graphs and figures, taking part in meetings and discussions, writing a sustainability report, giving a presentation.
Course objective :  Allowing students to:

  • increase their general and business vocabulary
  • express themselves fluently and accurately about complex subjects and in professional situations that are specific to the business world
  • write clear and well-structured business reports, letters,... using accurate and correct language
  • improve their listening skills
Prerequisites :  This is an advanced level business course. Students are expected to have completed level 4 taught in the 1st year of the master's degree.
Organization :  This 30-hour course is taught 2 hours a week over two periods of six weeks.

Students are required to prepare the different tasks and exercices from the coursebook every week. Since the course is largely based on team work, regular attendance and active participation are essential.
Written notes :  Coursebook NEDERLANDS NIVEAU 5
Assessment :  1. Continuous assessment (6/20)

Students will be evaluated on tasks throughout the year. They are required to give a presentation and to write a report, a cv and a motivation letter which will be included in the final mark.

2. Oral examination (7/20)

3. Written examination (7/20)

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