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Inspection of animal food

Duration :10h Th, 12,5h PCL
Credits/ECTS :
2nd "doctorat" in veterinary medicine1
Holder(s) :Nicolas Korsak Koulagenko
Course contents : Inspection of carcasses of meat animals in slaughter houses: ante-mortem inspection and special emergency slaughterings, post-mortem inspection: techniques and processes
post-mortem inspection: disease conditions
Course objective : - Inspection of bovine, porcine and equine carcasses
- European and national legislations
Prerequisites : Teaching from the previous courses.
Workshops : Practical works (examinations of bovine and porcine carcasses in slaughter house) complete the theoritical course.
Organization : 10 hours theoritical course
12,5 hours practical works
Written notes : Students' course office

Further reading : Food animal Pathology and Meat Hygiene, D.C. Herenda, Don A. Franco, ed. by Mosby Year Book, 1991.
Assessment : Theoritical course : written exam (MCQ + short open questions).
Practical works: evaluation by the end of the week.
Remarks : The attendence at the practical works is compulsory. Absences have to be justified by phone at the service and confirmed by an official certificate. The unjustified absences will be taken into account at the time of deliberations.

ULg : Students and Studies Administration - Academic Affairs
Contact : Monique Marcourt, direction A.E.E.
Date of data : 18/05/2007
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